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Permeation-resistant Urea Line Tube

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  • Product Name: Permeation-resistant Urea Line Tube
Product Details: Permeation-resistant Urea Line Tube

SCR system adopts  multilayer nylon tubes made of ETFE/PA12. These tubes have excellent performance of corrosion resistance and low Urea solution permeation. They meet the requirements of SAE J844. SCR system is made up of supplying tubes,returning tubes and injection tubes. Tube construction details are as follows:

Supplying Tube Construction Details Retuming Tube Construction Details Injection Tube Construction Details
Material ETFE/PA12 Material ETFE/PA12 Material ETFE/PA12
Inside diameter 6.0mm Inside diameter 4.0mm Inside diameter 3.0mm
Outside diameter 8.0mm Outside diameter 6.0mm Outside diameter 5.0mm
Wall thickness 1.0mm Wall thickness 1.0mm Wall thickness 1.0mm
Bending radius 42mm Bending radius 35mm Bending radius 30mm
Burst pressure < 6.9Mpa(at24℃) Burst pressure < 8.3Mpa(at24℃) Burst pressure < 8.3Mpa(at24℃)
Temperature range -60℃to+125℃ Temperature range -60℃to+125℃ Temperature range -60℃to+125℃
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