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Home > What's New > Ac Condenser as an Aid for Proper Car Temperature
  • Ac Condenser as an Aid for Proper Car Temperature2009-04-17
  • A good air conditioning system in vehicles makes for a sweat-free, comfortable ride especially during summer days. Pleasant ventilation is important so that fresh air is circulated inside a car. This is ensured by a vehicle's AC system.

    A vehicle's AC system is made up of many components such as the compressor, evaporator, expansion valves, and condenser. These parts work together to swap the heat produced inside the car's cabin with a cooler air. The process occurs not in the cabin but under the car's hood where the heat exchanges happen. The closed loop process of cooling the car begins with the compressor. The compressor obtains low-pressure refrigerant gas, usually freon, from the systems inlet area that includes the evaporator. This in turn discharges the water and impurities out of the air conditioning system. Inside the compressor, the refrigerant is pressurized and sent throughout the system to absorb heat. The hot refrigerant is then transferred to the key part of the air conditioning system's low pressure division, which is called the condenser. It is where the refrigerant is again cooled and changed into liquid form. Subsequently, the refrigerant returns to the evaporator, completing the closed cycle.

    The AC condenser and the radiator share almost the same function and form, except for two differences. First, the AC condenser is smaller than the radiator. Another difference is that while the engine's coolant remains in liquid state at all times, the AC system's refrigerant must be converted in a gas to circulate throughout the car's cabin. The AC condenser is usually mounted just under the car's grille, in front of the radiator. It takes advantage of the air flowing at this area. The radiator fan helps the AC condenser to cool the refrigerant more efficiently.

    The AC condenser needs regular inspection to know if the temperature it supplies becomes irregular. Just like the radiator, the AC condenser is exposed to extreme working conditions. Thus, appropriate maintenance or replacement is needed whenever this car component is malfunctioning.
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