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Home > What's New > Air compressor air filter against extended use
  • Air compressor air filter against extended use2009-07-16
  • Air compressor air filter against extended use.
    Air Filter
    Role: air compressor air filter is an important protective barriers! Air compressor filter out dust inhalation of impurities in the air, inhaled air is more clean oil filter, oil separator and oil to protect the life of the greater:

    The entry of foreign matter to prevent the other hosts because the host parts with a very sophisticated, it is important to meet the gap is generally 30-150Ч,

    Therefore the entry of foreign matter is bound to cause harm to the host, leading to host "locked" or even scrapped.


    Long high-precision filter paper imports

    Life: usually 1500 to 2000 hours can be adjusted according to the state of the environment, air filter plugging general alarm settings-0.05bar.

    Extended use of the harm:

    Lack of unit displacement, the impact of production; air filter resistance is too large, increase in unit energy consumption;

    Unit the actual compression ratio increases, host load increased by a short life expectancy;

    Filter damage the host lead to the entry of foreign matter, the occurrence of host locked case or even scrapped.

    Oil and gas separator: (referred to as oil)

    Role: the separation of oil in compressed air

    Material: imported high-precision glass fiber

    Life: usually 3000 ~ 4000 hours can be adjusted in accordance with the state of the environment. Core plug oil alarm settings is generally 0.8-1.0bar, energy consumption per 1bar pressure increase of 7%.

    Extended use of the harm:

    Separation efficiency is poor, resulting in increased fuel capacity, operating costs increased, even缺油serious fault may lead to the host;

    Compressed air increases the volume of exports of oil, the impact of back-end operation of purification equipment, resulting in gas equipment does not work;

    After plugging the resistance increases, leading to the actual exhaust pressure units to increase the energy consumption;

    After the failure of glass fiber materials falling into the oil, causing the oil filter and shorten the life span of normal wear and tear host.

    Oil filter: (also known as oil-grid)

    Roles: a dedicated fund air compressor oil filter metal particles and acrobatics, to ensure that clean oil circulatory system, the protection of the safe operation of the host.

    Material: imported high-precision filter paper

    Life expectancy:

    Usually 1500 to 2000 hours, can be adjusted in accordance with the state of the environment. Oil filter settings to plug the alarm is generally 1.0-1.4bar

    Extended use of the harm: to fuel shortage, leading to the exhaust temperature is too high, shorten the core oil and oil service life; lead to inadequate lubrication host seriously shorten the life of the host;

    After the damaged filter, at the end of filtering particles with a large number of metal impurities in the oil to enter the host, resulting in serious damage to the host.
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