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  • Air compressor on the working principle2009-07-16
  • Air Cooled Condensers B2B

    Air compressor on the working principle
         The working principle is parallel to each other by a pair of yin and yang combined rotor teeth (or screw) in the cylinder rotation, the rotor between the alveolar air continuously produce cyclical changes in the volume of air is along the rotor axis by inhalation lateral transfer to the output side, the realization of the breathing air compressor screw, compression and exhaust the entire process. Compressor inlet and outlet are located at both ends of the shell, the trough of negative sub-yang has been the main rotor gear and the rotary motor drive.
         Specific procedures as follows: press the start button, the control system connected to starter coil and open the valve off the oil, air compressor in the unloading mode to start, when intake valve in the closed position, and open the gate to the separation of oil and gas emissions the pressure inside. Such as step-down 2 seconds after the compressor start loading operation, the system pressure begins to rise. If the system pressure up to the pressure switch on the limits, that is, take off the pressure controller so that the closure of intake valve, oil and gas separator gas, no-load operation of the compressor until the system pressure dropped after the lower limit pressure switch, that is under pressure to jump the controller so that intake valve open, oil and gas separator gate closed, open the compressor, oil separator gate closed, the compressor is running loaded.
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