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  • Air conditioning heat exchangers2010-07-16
  • Long-term non-cleaning air conditioning will cause air pollution, because the air conditioning idle for some time has accumulated a lot of dust inside the unit, bacteria, these substances will face the appropriate temperature and humidity distribution of the breeding of microbial contamination and odor. When the air conditioning running, the air conditioning heat exchanger fins on the pathogens will be sent from the outlet, filled to every corner of the room, causing air pollution, and even endanger human health.
    But residents usually stay clean air conditioning filter level in a matter of fact this does not clear the pollution. The heat exchanger configuration is complex and can not be demolished, therefore required the expertise to use specialized cleaning agents. For the average family, the best after the end of each air conditioning professional cleaning once a season, but the economic point of view, can also be cleaned once a year, after the end of the summer to use the best. The large air-conditioned public places, the system forms complex, more professionals should be invited to regular inspection and cleaning.
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