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  • Axial Fan2010-02-07
  • A common example of an axial fan is a typical desk fan. The name "axial" comes from the fact that the air passing through the fan does not change direction and flows parallel to the fan axis. An axial fan is normally used when the flow requirements are high and the pressure demand is low.


    An axial fan blade works in a similar manner to an aircraft wing. However, whilst in the latter case the lift force acts upwards on the wing and supports the weight of the aircraft, the axial fan is fixed in position and causes the air to move.


    Axial fan blades are generally aerofoil in cross-section. The blade can be fixed in position or it can rotate around its longitudinal axis. The angle of the blade to the airflow, or blade pitch, can be fixed or adjustable. Changing the blade angle, or pitch, is one of the major advantages of an axial fan. Small blade pitch angles produce lower flows while increasing the pitch produces higher flow.


    Sophisticated axial fans are capable of having the blade pitch changed when the fan is running, much like a helicopter rotor, changing the flow accordingly. These are called variable pitch (VP) axial fans.

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