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Home > What's New > Axial fan faults and causes analysis
  • Axial fan faults and causes analysis2011-11-16

    The main axial fan fault

    1) Rotor fault. Like unbalance of rotor and rotor vibration.

    2) Blade cracking or breaking.

    3) Blade wear. Mainly occurs on the fan. Due to the electrostatic precipitator into bad timing or electrostatic precipitator fault, causing abrasion of induced draft fan.

    4) Bearing damage.

    5) Motor failure. Such as overcurrent, serious burnt out motors.

    6) Oil leakage of petrol filling stations, regulate hydraulic instability. Does affect the performance of fan or threaten the safety of fans.


    The reason of Axial fan failure


    (1) Product design and manufacturing

    1) Unreasonable structure design, strength design did not fully take into account dynamic loads.

    2) Not perfect aerodynamic design. Unknown on aerodynamic characteristics and expansive.

    3) Leaves enough strength safety factor, the blade material difference.

    4) Blade casting quality is poor.

    5) Poor quality of welding and Assembly. Blade bolts off broken blades and so on.

    6) Poor quality of controlled oil station.

    7) Monitoring, protected attachment failure.


    (2) Operation and maintenance

    1) Axial flow fan in the stall under the conditions of work, significant increase in air pressure pulse amplitude, resonance in leaves damaged.

    2) Does not follow the fan characteristics required to start and the car, air mechanics condition and system properties do not match.

    3) Inefficient without ESP or ESP led fan inlet dust at high concentrations.

    4) Concurrent two typhoons at run time, differences between the two larger.

    5) Axial-flow fan surge protection failure.

    6) No poor maintenance or maintenance on a regular basis.


    (3) Installation

    1) Axis don't balance or connection is not good, resulting in wind vibration, bearing and coupling a deteriorating.

    2) Actuator installation errors, local indication and control room feedback values are inconsistent, resulting in inaccurate actions.


    (4) The fan selection and system design

    Fans caused by improper selection of fans actually run on unstable flow area or close to even enter the stall area, as well as the fan system characteristic of unreasonable, may cause fatigue and damage of fan rotor parts.


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