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Home > What's New > Bathroom Extractor Fans - A Buyer's Guide
  • Bathroom Extractor Fans - A Buyer's Guide2011-06-21
  • There is no room inside the common household where it is additional crucial that you set up an extractor buff than the bathroom. Preventing condensation build up, damp, mould and odour, a simple 4 inch model can help to maintain your bath room beautiful! The option of bath room extractor buff has never been greater, such as individuals with timers, individuals with PIRs, individuals with humidistats, low voltage fans, low energy fans, slimline fans, and inline fans. This massive option of extractor buff might be bewildering. The next post is intended as a guide to aid the domestic buyer pick the correct bath room fan.

    1. Wiring regulations

    Since utility and water can make for a fatal combination, strict regulations had been introduced dividing the bath room into 4 zones: 0, 1, 2, 3. Zone 0 is inside the bath. Zone 1 extends vertically 2.25m above the bath. Zone two extends in all directions for 0.6m from zone1 and zone three extends laterally for 2.4m from zone 2.

    It is essential which you set up the accurate buff inside the accurate zone. bath room fans are provided in two voltages; Mains voltage (240v) and SELV or Safety Extra Low Voltage (12v). Mains voltage bath room extractor fans may only be used in Zone three with the bathroom. In Zones 1 and two SELV bath room fans (12 volt) ONLY ought to be used, with the transformer becoming housed in Zone 3. The only exclusion to this guideline may be the Airflow QuietAir: A mains voltage bath room extractor buff which has been specifically designed with an IP45 rating to be used in all three zones. Inline fans are another special type of 240v bath room extractor buff which are housed inside the loft space above the bath room inside the center of two lengths of ducting. Since the motor, impellars and all electrical components are out with the zonal area, with only the duct and grille inside the bath room ceiling, they as well are ideal for use in zone 1 or two above the bath or shower.

    2. kinds of bath room extractor fan

    There are two principal kinds of bath room extractor fan: Axial and Centrifugal. Axial fans would be the kinds which you are used to seeing on partitions and ceilings and have a tendency to possess ticket extraction rates of between 85m3/hr and 95m3/hr for the 4 inch models. they are ideal for standard installations where the buff is intended to be ducted by means of the wall. Centrifugal fans have a tendency to be (but not always) inline duct fans. (see prior section). Centrifugal fans are usually much additional effective than axial fans with ticket extraction rates of bewteen 110m3/hr and 220m3/hr for the 4 inch models. Centrifugal fans are especially well suited to installations where long duct lengths are required. The Vent Axia Solo Plus, for example, might be used in duct runs as much as 50m!

    3. dimensions of bath room fans

    Domestic bath room extractor fans are provided in two sizes: 4 inch /100mm and 6 inch / 150mm. In pretty much each event a 4 inch bath room extractor buff will suffice. 6 inch fans need only be thought to be in bathrooms greater than 3 metres squared, or where special conditions require a additional effective fan,...such as bathrooms with no natural ventilation or especially cold, north facing bathrooms.

    4. ticket Extraction Rate

    Measured in 'Litres per Second' (L/s) or 'Metres Cubed per Hour' (m3/hr), the ticket extraction fee of your bath room extractor buff is 1 with the most important considerations. The Building Regulations stipulate that the bath room extractor buff ought to extract a minimum of 15L/s in a standard domestic bathroom. Most 4 inch bath room extractor fans far exceed this minimum requirement, and nowadays the standard is 85m3/hr. Any bath room extractor buff with an extraction fee of 90m3/hr or above may be thought to be powerful.

    5. Operation

    Bathroom extractor fans have a selection of operational features to match numerous applications. The most simple is on/off by way of the bath room lighting move or integral pullcord. bath room fans with integral timers are great in bathrooms where large build ups of steam cause condensation problems, because the over operate timer will keep the buff running for a sought after period after it has been turned off....particularly practical when the buff is wired into the lighting effects circuit. mum and dad may prefer a bath room buff having a PIR sensor that will operate the buff automatically when anybody enters the bathroom, whilst Landlords like individuals with humidity sensors, which move on automatically once the relative humidity reaches a set level. which means that tenants aren't relied upon to manually operate the bath room fan.

    6. Noise

    Typical dB measurements for axial bath room fans selection between 35dB(A) and 45dB(A) with the additional effective centrifugal bath room fans between 40dB(A) and 55dB(A). Whilst centrifugal fans are louder, it should certainly be remembered that they're housed inside the loft space and so are insulated and further away, lessesning the volume somewhat.

    7. Aesthetics

    Remember: you are probably to determine this buff everytime you employ the bathroom. The cash you saved on it when buying will quickly be forgotten, so don't set up an ugly buff simply because it's cheap. Homeowners are spending additional in making their bathrooms beautiful with awesome lighting effects and funky fixtures and buff styles have improved immensely. The previous 'box with grilles' is gradually becoming replaced with unobtrusive and subtle 'tile' type styles which sit easily with any bath room aesthetic.

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