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  • Can Fans - High-Humidity In-Line Fans2011-08-16
  • Can Fans are in-line ventilation fans developed to operate in tandem with Can Filters, for temperature and odor control in hydroponic nurseries and greenhouses. They really are a perfect example of the marriage between cutting edge exhaust design and technologies that promises capability and performance. They are perfect for transferring stale air quickly and noiselessly from gardening areas. The area of application is certainly not a constraint as the fans are employed in both, commercial and residential set-ups and are nicely known for ongoing operation.

    Can Fans can purpose in high-humidity environments. Engineered in Germany, they are quality centrifugal fans that happen to be built to last. Light-weight, compact and easy-to-install, they adhere to certifications standards of CSA and UL, and hence the 5-year warranty is a norm. They are accessible in regular and high-output models. The power cord can be acquired separately centrifugal fans .


    These are some of one other pluses for Can Fans:

    o They are developed to sustain high cubic ft per minute (CFM) ratings, even while running below tremendous load.

    o employed with Can Filters they guarantee a remarkable filtration system.

    o They are developed to decrease power consumption and hence are eco-friendly.

    o They use long-lasting metal casing or plastic casing that is UV-resistant ac axial fans.

    o They can be assembled 'in-line' with the existing duct system, with minimal modification.

    o They also can be employed as booster fans to extend long duct runs when one other fan is not enough.

    Variety of Can Fans

    If you are looking for robust exhaust fans that happen to be perfect for hydroponic gardens, you could consider Can Fans 6". For ventilating performance and power, look at Can Fans 8". These fans might be adequate for ventilating a medium-sized hydroponic garden.

    Can Fan 10" ought to be your perfect option when you have a hydroponic greenhouse. It has a special reversed-curve blade design that yields high ventilation output. The 10" Can Max Fan, greatest of all of the Can Fans, will be the most efficient and powerful.

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