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  • Centrifugal Fan or Squirrel-Cage Fan2011-03-01
  • A Centrifugal Fan is a mechanised unit for shifting oxygen or other gases. It has a fan wheel composed of a quantity of fan blades, or ribs, mounted around a hub. The gas enters through the facet on the fan wheel, turns 90 degrees and accelerates due to centrifugal force as it flows more than the fan blades and exits the fan housing.

    Centrifugal fans can generate pressure increases in your gas stream. Accordingly, they are well suited for commercial processes and oxygen pollution control systems. They are also typical in middle heating/cooling systems.

    Ratings found in centrifugal fan performance tables and curves are based on standard oxygen SCFM. Fan manufacturers define standard oxygen as clean, dry oxygen using a density of 0.075 pounds mass per cubic foot (1.2 kg/m³), with the barometric pressure at sea degree of 29.92 inches of mercury (101.325 kPa) and a temperatures of 70°F (21°C). choosing a centrifugal fan to run at problems other than standard oxygen demands adjustment to each static pressure and power. The volume of oxygen will not be affected in a provided method because a fan will proceed the identical amount of oxygen regardless on the oxygen density.

    If a centrifugal fan would be to run at a non-standard density, then corrections should be produced to static pressure and power. At increased than standard elevation (sea level) and increased than standard temperature, oxygen density is reduced than standard density. Centrifugal fans that are specified for continuous operation at increased temperatures must be selected taking into account oxygen density corrections. Again, a centrifugal fan is a constant volume unit that will proceed the identical amount of oxygen at two different temperatures.

    The centrifugal fan performance tables offer the fan RPM and power requirements for the provided CFM and static pressure at standard oxygen density. When the centrifugal fan performance is not at standard conditions, the performance should be converted to standard problems before entering the performance tables. Centrifugal fans rated by the oxygen movements and Control Association (AMCA) are tested in laboratories with check set-ups that simulate installations that are typical for that kind of fan. Usually they are tested and rated as one of four standard installation types as designated in AMCA Standard 210.

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