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Home > What's New > China's mold industry to the six directions
  • China's mold industry to the six directions2012-01-31
  • Outset, the current electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, home appliances, communications and military products, 60% -80% of the parts, must rely on molding. Mold forming parts has shown high accuracy, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption, other manufacturing methods can not match. Mold to a large extent determines the quality, efficiency and development capabilities.
    China's mold industry increasingly large, and increasingly high accuracy, precision molds directly determines the competitiveness of enterprises. 10 years ago, the general accuracy of precision molds for the 5μm, now stands at 1-2μm. Soon, 1μm accuracy of the mold has been listed. With the miniaturization of components and increase accuracy, precision mold some tolerance requires the following in the 1μm, which requires the development of super finishing.
    China's mold industry to further develop multi-functional composite mold, mold in addition to a multi-metal forming parts, but also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking. With this versatile mold is no longer mass produced parts, but the bulk of the components, such as contact with the bearing components, a variety of small motors, electrical and instrumentation of the core components. Multi-color and multi-material plastic molding mold will also have faster development. This mold shorten the production cycle, the future will be developed in different areas and applications.
    With the popularity of the mold standardization and wide application of standard mold, China mold manufacturing industry become shorter and shorter, more competitive in the international arena has become increasingly evident. Use of mold standard parts not only reduce mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve quality and reduce mold mold manufacturing costs. At the same time, rapid economic mold a bright future. As people asked mold production cycle as short as possible, so the development of rapid economic mold has drawn increasing attention. For example, the development of various superplastic materials to make molds; use epoxy, polyester, or in which the filler metal, glass and other enhancements making simple molds. Such mold manufacturing process is simple, easy to control precision, small shrinkage, cheap, life is higher. Can also be made with cement plastic car cover mold. , The low melting point alloy mold, mold spray, electric molds, precision molds, stack molds, ceramic and plastic mold and shape the light rapid manufacturing using thermosetting rubber mold and other low-cost rapid economic mold will be further developed. Quick mold change, quick-change red top will also be growing. In addition the use of computer-controlled robot operation and quick die change equipment, rapid test mode device technology will be developed and improved.

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