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  • Composite nylon tube market2011-12-09
  • A widely used automotive fluids, gasoline and road use, high-performance composite China Nylon Tube, recent broad macro Hebei Metal Products Co., Ltd. successfully developed rubber. The product of the production process to fill the nylon material of our products in the industry a blank.

    At present, China automotive products in liquid, vapor on the road are still in single-layer nylon tube, because of its burst pressure of small, anti-wear performance is poor, particularly the use of such shortcomings easy to penetrate, making such a nylon tube have to be imported.

    Production of material goods as a professional manufacturer of nylon, Hebei macro wide after a year of trial and error, developed a high performance car with composite nylon tube new products. The product has good physical properties, the use of safe and reliable, the bursting pressure of 14MPa, more than double than single-layer nylon tube. The products in abrasion resistance, anti-permeability is more remarkable, some of the technical indicators have reached and exceeded the level of similar foreign products.

    As the new technologies, new processes a large number of applications, so that production costs are significantly lower product prices lower than similar imported products abroad more than 20%, have a good marketing prospects.

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