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  • Compressor knowledge to answer2009-07-16
  • Compressor knowledge to answer

    What is atmospheric pressure?
    A: The air surrounding the Earth called the atmosphere, the role of air surrounded by the gravity of the entire planet. The weight of air, resulting in pressure on the object referred to as atmospheric pressure, air is insignificant, composed of gas molecules with a certain amount of volume and weight, when the pressure for the atmospheric pressure, temperature of 273 degrees K, the 1 cubic centimeter of any gas elements contained in a number of months for the 2.683 × 1019. The reason why we did not feel the pressure of the atmosphere due to air both within and outside the body, both inside and outside of the pressure on both sides of the offset each other, like a stretch of the tissue in the shelf, with a finger gently on a will wear a big hole, but if both sides of paper to stand up with your fingers, then with great effort not to damage the same reason. Of objects generated by the pressure of about one kilogram per square force, so we said to the pressure of the atmosphere into an atmospheric pressure.
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