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  • Compressor knowledge to answer2009-07-16
  • Air Cooled Condensers B2B

    Compressor knowledge to answer

    What is vacuum?
    A: The gas pressure inside the container is lower than atmospheric pressure, that is, have a vacuum, also known as negative pressure. There is no room for any material (ie, 100% vacuum, known as an absolute vacuum that is difficult to achieve).
    Usually 760 mm Hg (at 0 degrees) as the standard scale. If the instructions from the container below the atmospheric pressure reading, called the vacuum. Pointed out that the vacuum pressure on the value (vacuum) is a gas pressure container with low gas pressure of the pressure difference, also known as vacuum pressure or low pressure.
    Container within the lower atmospheric pressure means that the higher the vacuum; the containers back to the higher atmospheric pressure (not more than one atmospheric pressure), it means that the lower vacuum; if the container and the gas pressure equal to atmospheric pressure, then the vacuum is zero, then there is no vacuum.
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