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  • Condenser Microphones Vs Dynamic Microphones2011-04-14
  • There are 3 major unique forms of microphones used for music recording (at major label studios, indie studios, & home studios alike) and they are as follows:

    (1) Dynamic microphones.

    (2) Large diapragm condenser microphones.

    (3) little diapraghm condenser microphones.

    No Single "Best" Microphone

    The very first important thing to comprehend is that there is no "one mic fits all" solution. Each microphone is best suited to a specific kind of recording. The very first thing you require to understand is whatever you are recording. Once you understand that then you can decide on the most beneficial kind of microphone (and from there you can select the particular brand of microphone that you just can afford.)

    Dynamic Microphones

    These are normally the cheapest kind of microphone and they are also the most durable. They don't need "phantom power" like condenser mics do (more on that in the condenser mic section of this article. Evaporative Condenser  What are they best suited for? They are used for recording amplified seems along the lines of an electrical guitar's amp. You may think that you just must record your electrical guitar straight into your recording device but this is not true. You will never capture the same sort of seem by heading straight in when you will when recording an amp. They are also used for recording drums (bass drums, snares, & toms.)

    Large Diapraghm Condenser Microphones Air Cooled Condenser

    These are used for recording vocals and "deep" sounding acoustic instruments along the lines of a cello or an upright bass. These tend being extra expensive and actually they could get being extremely expensive in some cases (like the well-known Neumann U87 which retails for over $4000.)

    Small Diapraghm Condenser Microphones

    These are used for recording most acoustic instruments (acoustic guitars, violins, etc) and for recording cymbals and hi-hats on a live drum set.

    Which Brand?

    Now that you just know which kind of microphone to use, the next decision is which brand must you buy? for your most component the extra expensive the microphone, the higher quality it is. This isn't merely a situation in which the same products are being stamped with unique manufacturers (see: clothing) it's a situation in which there are vast differences in the quality. You will notice a significant advancement in seem quality when using a extra expensive mic. Thus the response to this question is: Buy the most expensive microphones you can afford.

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