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Home > What's New > Dyestuff Factory of Jilin Petrochemical to share security experience
  • Dyestuff Factory of Jilin Petrochemical to share security experience2012-02-06
  • Park Master timely detection of risks, to avoid with security incidents, I want to like him, whether it is operating or inspection, and not going through the motions, no time to relax the security string. "January 30, in the Jilin Petrochemical dyes plant phenol plant safety experience sharing sessions, the staff at the school had just said sincerely.
    Pu Taihu is the squad leader of the phenol workshop. 9:00 New Year's Day, he found in the inspections of the smell in the air, although not very strong, but strong sense of responsibility that drives him to conscientiously carry out the investigation. After half an hour to find, he found that the smell in the air due to P-807A pump leakage of phenol dripping pump the lower insulating heating pipes, the formation of phenol steam. They immediately take on the pump switch, cooling, maintenance, and other measures to eliminate safety concerns. Phenol workshop leaders believe that this is to educate people is good material, so the security experience sharing activities, Pu Taihu reproduce the scene at that time.
    The accident attempted to remind our danger is everywhere, especially we like chemical plant, but we need to take extra care. In addition, I would like to learn Park master in the post one minute, 60 seconds conscientious valuable spirit. "New Students the Rui talked pedantic.
    Device member of Chen Xin said with deep feeling: "That is right, we device some of the equipment is old, and everyone in the daily operation, inspection particularly well last year by the special inspection, the whole department was processing more than 200 hidden, did not cause parking accident with the safe operation of equipment of hard-won achievements of this year to work harder children.
    Sun Xuesen, safety officer, said: "This phenol leak is no small thing, we encounter such a situation must not be taken lightly, we must protect themselves from harm."
    Qiu Zikui took over incumbent on children, said: "phenol chemical properties of flammable and explosive, improper handling can cause chemical burns, poisoning and other serious consequences, so every time an exception occurs, we went to the site can not forget the 'three treasures': respirator, hat and gloves, cover tightly, leakage is not afraid. "
    Sun Xuesen pointing behind the emergency cabinet of the apparatus, said: "Tang Yuming demo for everyone to wear a respirator and steps to see you how the technology."
    I saw Tang Yuming calmly took out from the emergency cabinet air breathing apparatus, to plug unplug, and then air respirator back in the body to regulate strap, belt, connect the quick connector and locking; placed off the inlet valve of the supply valve, open the bottle valve, observe the pressure value; wear a good full face mask for three deep breaths, when the supply valve to stop gas, hear the slightest sound, will be fully hood lacing to tighten ... a series of skilled movements smooth, coherent.
    Sun Xuesen looked at the table said: "less than a minute, have done quite well, it seems not Bailian."
    Factory fire skills competition last year, on behalf of we shop, play, also took first. "Tang Yuming said proudly.
    He then said: "You know, once in a safe experience sharing sessions, show security staff have given us a warning piece, several people because of safety consciousness, knowing that the media toxic, not wearing a breathing apparatus to deal with accidents, resulting in the poisoning death of one person, the rest also have left its mark. we shop the media fall into this category, we may from time to do such a stupid thing I just wear the respirator from the study to learn the master safety skills, improve security vigilance. "

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