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  • Eighth Tehran International Industry Fair2009-06-30
  • Eighth Tehran International Industry Fair
    Tehran International Industry Fair (TIIF) is owned by the Iranian Ministry of Commerce of Iran International Exhibition Corporation, the annual session. The exhibition is organized by the Iranian government will be well-known for many years into the international trade fair with the characteristics of the professional industry expo, has been the formation of a larger scale. Every year the exhibition from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and so a large number of international exhibitors, displaying a large scale, a large number of exhibitors, exhibits a wide range of market demand. At the same time, exhibitors in the exhibition of the products on display at a reasonable price, popular with Iranian clients. 2009 Tehran International Industry Fair will be held in October in Tehran International Exhibition Center, to participate in the exhibition will be on display Location: Tehran
    Scope of Exhibits:
    Agriculture: agricultural tools, machinery and equipment, food processing;
    Automotive: cars, auto parts;
    Steel: casting, welding, metal processing technology, casting, machine tools;
    Equipment: construction equipment, textile and leather machinery and equipment, pneumatic tools, pumps and compressors, machine tool;
    Electronics and electrical equipment: power stations, cables, lighting systems, generators, electronic services, computers, communication technology, high-tech equipment and accessories;
    Medical tools and equipment: pharmaceutical substances, pharmaceutical raw materials and first aid equipment, ambulances and equipment;
    Aerospace equipment and components; mining equipment and machinery;
    Chemical products and machinery: chemical fiber technology and equipment, plastics and injection molding machinery, chemical raw materials;
    Environmental protection: air and noise pollution monitoring system, environmental protection machinery and equipment.
    Your bridge to open the Iranian market.
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