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Home > What's New > Failure to start first aid on the car
  • Failure to start first aid on the car2012-01-06
  • If the fuel pump or the control circuit failure will cause no fuel pressure oil system. Even if the injector is working properly, not normal jet fuel. Inspection methods are: a short diagnostic plug wiring to connect terminals + B and FP and then turn the ignition switch (not start), check whether the hose into the oil pressure. If the pressure in the hose and can hear the sound back to the oil, indicating the fuel pump itself is no problem; otherwise, should check the fuel pump, available multimeter measuring between terminals 4 and 5, the resistance, such as not in conformity with, you need to replace the fuel pump . If the fuel pump is working properly, you should check the control circuit, including fuses, EFI main relay, fuel pump relay, resistor, and the wiring and connector.
    The hydraulic system of the fuel mixture concentration has a direct impact, so first check the fuel pressure. Method is: first access to the fuel pressure gauge in the fuel line, and then start the engine, measure the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is too high, replace the pressure regulator; pressure is too low, the oil return hose can be clamped if the fuel pressure rises to normal shows damage to the fuel pressure regulator, or to check the fuel pump and fuel filter . After checking off the fuel pressure should be maintained at the specified value 5min, otherwise it leaking fuel injector, causing the mixture too thick.
    Difficulty in starting, the fuel pump is generally able to work properly, the problem is the pump filter clogged resulting in more than not enough suction pump or auto fuel line fittings blocked the fuel supply system caused by a low pressure.

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