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Home > What's New > Garden hose fast connectors enable speedy attachment
  • Garden hose fast connectors enable speedy attachment2011-03-15
  • Garden hose quick connectors enable speedy attachment of hoses to spigots or of various hoses together for extra length, or of hose end attachments. Nylon quick connector There are quick connectors for just about any configuration of male- and female-end hoses and attachments. The two pieces simply snap together to type a watertight seal through the hose gasket inside the female portion.

    Screw a female quick connector onto the garden hose spigot. Turn the connector clockwise to tighten it fully.

    Screw a male connector around the end of the length or lengths of hose in which the drinking water will exit, and attach a female quick connector to any kind of sprinkler or garden hose attachment. Then snap the male connector in to the female connector to make utilization of the attachment.


    Shut the drinking water flow away at the garden hose spigot.Place one hand around the male connector and one hand around the female connector. Pull back again the collar around the female connector and pull the male connector out to disconnect. This procedure is for collar-type quick connect hose connectors.

    Place one hand around the male connector and the other hand around the female connector. Push the two buttons on each facet of the female connector inward at the identical time. Pull the male connector out of the female connector. This procedure is for button-type quick connect hose fittings Quick Connectors.

    Remove all connections on this method to disconnect sprinklers, lengths of hose and the hose at the spigot.

    Garden hose quick connectors have four configurations to suit both the male and female ends of hoses and hose end attachments.

    Hardware shops and residence advancement centers carry garden hose quick connectors.This kind of garden hose connector is available in brass, that is additional expensive but longer lasting, and in plastic.

    Some brands of garden hose quick connectors contain a valve inside that instantly shuts away the drinking water flow upon disconnection. on this case, the drinking water does not must be shut away at the spigot to disconnect hoses and attachments.

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