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  • Hungary International Industry Fair2009-06-30
  • Hungary International Industry Fair
    Hungary Hungary International Industry Fair is the largest professional exhibition industry, but also in Central and Eastern Europe show the highest levels of industry, one contact is recognized as the world's industrial design, processing, manufacturing, technology and international trade in Hungary and around the market the most important one platform, called the Hungarian version of the Hanover Industrial Fair. The exhibition by the Hungarian economy and Hungarian Ministry of Transportation and Communications Technology Association of Energy Economics, Electrical Engineering Association, Engineering Association of Enterprises, logistics, procurement and inventory management associations, Casting Association, the Iron and Steel Industry Association and the Association for measurement and automation in a number of professional associations, co-sponsored in 1993 held next year.
    Scope of Exhibits:
    First, subcontracting and industrial power transmission: bearings, chains, belts, gears, gear box, gearbox, fasteners, and other transmission parts; surface treatment technologies, products and materials machining, lubrication technology, paste products, inspection and testing technology, industrial cleaning and cleaning, welding equipment and materials, cutting, drilling boring, bending, stamping, graphic processing, plastic processing technology and materials (injection molding, stretching, rolling, surface treatment), all kinds of tools and supporting material. Second, the energy industry and management: power generation, transmission and storage, oil and gas exploration, extraction, purification and refining, power generation equipment and maintenance (electricity, water, thermal power, nuclear power and wind power), energy supply and services (for electricity, gas, heating pipe network design, construction and maintenance), energy consumption and environmental protection (energy-saving equipment and technology, the use of renewable energy, waste combustion and power generation, solar energy products and technologies, environmental protection in energy production), industrial heat exchanger, heat pump, steam turbine, energy control and management, heating and cooling (boiler, heat installation, dryer, furnace combustion, transportation equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning, industrial refrigeration and installation); all kinds of electrical and electronic drives (AC and DC machines, generators, transformers, UPS, Integrator), various types of batteries and charging facilities, a variety of electronic materials and devices (switches, insurance, fuse), the power installation of facilities and equipment (cables, pipes and fittings, fiber optic cable and accessories, insulation materials), power generation and installation of technology, research and development, and so on. Third, logistics and handling: handling equipment (for equipment and non-continuous operation, manual and electric transportation vehicles, lifting equipment, hand chain hoist, electric hoist, hoist), accessories and materials, storage equipment (handling, storage, trays, forklift, loading, shelves), escalators, elevators, conveyors, logistics, transport vehicles and parts. IV Fluid Technology: Cylinder, valves, sliding doors, sensors, vacuum equipment, pipe fittings, all kinds of hydraulic parts, filters, power control, all types of valve (butterfly valve, ball valve, two-way valve, the plunger valve, pressure valve, analysis and medical valves, filtration equipment), plumbing valves, various types of pumps, compressors, washers. V. industrial electronics: electronics and machinery and electronics products and components, semiconductor, electronic test and measurement, control engineering and automation (distribution control system, sensor systems, conveyor, buffer, signal converters, data collection and display, industrial computer and power supply energy equipment, servo technology), telecommunications equipment (data transmission, security networks, industrial display devices), and control of power systems (power distribution and transmission, the base station with the installation, operation and control). 6, metal processing and mining: steel and products, non-ferrous metal products, forging parts, castings (gray iron and ductile iron parts, steel castings, heavy metals and light metal castings, supplementary material), alloy materials and products; mining technology and equipment ( transmission pipelines, grading, preparation, storage, control engineering and solid-fluid minerals)
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