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  • Oil-free compressor What are the characteristics of lubrication2009-07-16
  • Oil-free compressor What are the characteristics of lubrication.
    Compressors can be divided into by lubrication oil-free and oil lubricated air compressor.
       Oil-free compressed air compressor oil. In other words, basically non-compressor cylinder oil, the piston ring and packing usually PTFE. However, this machine also has the shortcomings of bad lubrication, the high failure rate; PTFE is also a kind of harmful substances, food, pharmaceutical industry, can not be used; not only do gas compressor lubrication oil is not, can not do without water . If you want to dehydration, will air compressor (either) 1 or 2 together with the purification devices or dryers. This device allows the air compressor without oil is not moisture, so that compressed air 5ppm of oil-bearing water in the following to meet the technological requirements.
       Oil-free air compressor have to note that a drawback is that when the poor operation of the rotor coating will fall off after a period of time, rotor exposed to the air, to bear the air of impurities and temperature changes. Ultimately, resulting in lower performance and even damage to the machine.
        No oil of low pressure air compressor series without lubrication, exhaust gas is not oil and oil vapor, does not pollute the user's end product is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving products. 1. As a general source of power when gas than oil and air Press the use of more convenient and low maintenance costs. 2. for the provision of high quality oil-free compressed air the most simple, the best equipment, it eliminates the need complicated processing equipment oil filter, saving a great deal of equipment expenses and maintenance costs. products are widely gas source for the general power to replace oil lubricated air compressor. especially suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, posts and telecommunications, petrochemical, electronic pneumatic instrumentation, painting, powder and granular gas transmission, air mixing, Film, construction, materials, and other defense-related research needs of high-quality oil-free compressed air of the departments.
    The key is oil-free compressor cylinder lubrication is oil-free materials, and other parts of the use of oil lubrication, oil is technically not able to guarantee access to the compression system.
       Oil-free screw air compressor is the core of the distinguished host of secondary compression. After the rotor 20 of the finishing process, so that linear rotor reached unparalleled accuracy and durability. Equipped with an internal high-quality precision bearings and gears, to ensure the rotor coaxiality, the rotor with the precise, highly efficient and reliable so as to maintain long-term operation.
    Increase the size of the abrasion resistance of all bearings can easily bear the load, in order to ensure the normal operation of the host. The seal is the key in the link, anti-air leak sealing material made of stainless steel, and oil seal leakage is a durable design of the maze. This group of seals is not only to avoid impurities in the lubricating oil into the rotor, and to prevent leakage, and ensure a steady flow property of the oil-free compressed air cleaning. In order to achieve optimal speed and rotor life optimization, oil-free screw compressor is a host of other advantages of using a precision gear, and gear in the drive input shaft is also fitted with an improved seal with the lips in order to prevent leakage of oil to the unit.
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