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Home > What's New > Scroll Compressor: increase year-on-year decline
  • Scroll Compressor: increase year-on-year decline2009-07-08
  • Scroll Compressor: increase year-on-year decline

         In March 2009, sales for the scroll compressor with 159,300 units, the Central than the 31.3 percent growth, up 26 percent decline. Scroll Compressor poor export performance, exports of 1.7 million units, a slight increase in chain, but the decline over the same period last year widened significantly in February, down 37%. Enterprises in both the export decline to varying degrees. Dalian Sanyo nearly 8,000 export volume ranks the first place, and the smallest year-on-year decline in business is Emerson. Under normal circumstances, 4 June is the season of the scroll compressor, from the current feedback from the business point of view, sales will be a small climax.
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