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  • Security experience to share Sidelights2012-02-14
  • Sun Xuesen pointing behind the emergency cabinet of the apparatus, said: "Just today there is still time, Tang Yuming to show for everyone to wear a respirator and steps to see if you now how the technology."
    I saw Tang Yuming calmly took out from the emergency cabinet air respirator fast connector poke, and then air respirator back in the human body to regulate strap, belt, connect the quick connector and locking; placing the inlet valve of the supply valve off, open the bottle valve, the observed pressure value; wear a good mask for three deep breaths, "trace" sound when the supply valve to stop gas, hear no, it will Mask lace to tighten ... a series of actions skilled and smooth, all in one.
    Sun Xuesen looked at the table said: "less than a minute, have done quite well, it seems that no Bailian ah."
    "It was held last factory fire skills competition, on behalf of we shop competition, but also took first." Tang Yuming said proudly.
    He went on to say: "You know, once and open the safety experience-sharing sessions, security officers we put a security warning piece, several people because of safety consciousness, knowing that the media toxic, but did not wear respirators to deal with accident, the last poisoning lost their lives, the rest of the sequelae we shop the media also fall into this category, we may from time to do this stupid thing, I just wear the respirator from the study to learn the master safety skills, to improve the security alert . "
    Lee to Mou said, "I remember that piece of warning, do not wear the labor protection by the acid-base damage. It is learned the lesson, each handling caustic soda, wear goggles, gloves and other protective gear is the same as I do not fall." .
    See all speak so enthusiastically, workshop director, Zhao Yi-chi, said with emotion: "It seems the factory to carry out security experience sharing activities, and receive a real effect of the lessons of others as their own, so that accidents will not be repeated is the kind of wisdom, but also is why we carry out the activities in the first place. "
    Then he picked up a booklet: "Over the past year, we factories to carry out safety experience sharing activities in the 144 cases was compiled and distributed to everyone, and now, I hope we can draw lessons from these cases, the operation carefully, on inspection, the devotion and guardianship on the heart, the successful completion of the production tasks of the workshop, this year, and then 'no accident workshop' medals holding back, we have confidence in? "
    "Rest assured, the director, we must complete the task." In the laughter, the safety experience-sharing sessions ends.

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