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Home > What's New > Sixth China (Jordan), industrial and mechanical equipment exhibition
  • Sixth China (Jordan), industrial and mechanical equipment exhibition2009-06-30
  • Sixth China (Jordan), industrial and mechanical equipment exhibition
    Scope of Exhibits:
    1. Machine Tool categories: CNC and general machine tools, drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, EDM wire cutting, injection molding machines, metal cutting and forming machine tools;
    2. Mold tools: automotive stamping dies, plastic molds, die-casting mold, forging mold, measuring equipment, abrasives, tooling fixtures related accessories,
    Measuring and cutting tools, knives and other tools;
    3. Packaging machinery and materials: vacuum packaging machine, bag machine, etc.; corrugated honeycomb equipment, carton machinery, packaging materials, etc.;
    4. Printing machinery: pre-press systems, printing equipment, Postpress equipment, paper, inks, printing equipment, advertising equipment;
    5. Plastic Machinery: injection molding machines, extrusion equipment, film blowing machine, blowing machine, compressors, packing machine tooling, plastic processing machinery, such as petrochemicals;
    6. Construction Machinery: building materials machinery, construction equipment, high above the machinery, building decoration equipment, logistics equipment, engineering machinery and tools, shovel mixing machinery;
    7. Food Machinery: a variety of food processing machinery, bakery equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, food processing packaging equipment;
    8. Textile Machinery: Textile fabrics machinery, knitting machinery, textile machinery, non-woven machinery, textile dyeing and finishing supporting machinery, textile machinery, sewing machines;
    9. All kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, etc.
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