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Home > What's New > Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (1)
  • Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (1)2009-07-08
  • Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (1).

    Sixties to the compressor industry in China's history of technological progress, leaving many of our memorable and inspiration from the local , such as:

         1, compressor manufacturing industry as a national equipment manufacturing industry, a small part of her closely linked with the national socialist construction, with the birth of the needs of the national economy, develop and expand.

         Years immediately after the liberation, the national economy during the urgent need for the resumption of coal, iron and other mineral resources of the general pattern, the birth of a domestic power air compressor, compressor manufacturing industry in China was able to come as a newborn world. The historical facts and then to fight the changes are fully illustrates this point.

         2, to select the right compressor revolutionary breakthrough products, seize the major contradictions and solve the crucial point, it is necessary to study and use of advanced technology, to a combination of research, it is necessary to concentrate superior forces to wage a war of annihilation.

         Fifty years on behalf of the twentieth century, China has adopted a number of generic mapping of the fixed, mobile air compressor 1-3/7 ,1-6 / 7,1-10 / 8,1-20 / 8,1 -- 40 / 8,1-100 / 8,10-9 / 7,10-6 / 7 and so on, has very broad range of displacement 3m3/min ∽ 100m3/min. Why, then, in the formulation of the dynamic parameters of air compressor series of standards (standards for chemical and general engineering TH16-59) after the compressor fixed 20m3/min selected as China's first self-designed compressor varieties, instead of other displacement of the fixed or mobile air compressor do?

         The key is, like the Soviet Union-type air compressor concentrates 1-20/8 serious shortcomings, the problem in one gram of his life, the effectiveness will be very prominent. In addition, the gas plant should Shen Chen Keming, Deputy Chief Engineer's request, a machine with the specifications of the Department of the import of British, Swedish production of the prototype of a compressor, in particular the completion of an advanced type of Atlas Air AR4E machine testing, analysis. 1-20/8 type air compressor, equipped with 160kW electric motors, electricity is the only big tiger, is also famous tiger of the oil, while the valve is short-lived. Just imagine, 1-20 / 8 the speed 735r/min, stroke 160mm, piston average up to 3.92m / s, there is no crosshead, no filler rod by four piston barrel grade â…  and class â…¡ 2 bucket Pistons cylinder of the piston ring seal, the six-cylinder and scraping the oil scraper ring with oil, there is a total smoke exhaust valve 20 components in the workplace, and its power consumption, fuel consumption, the valve can be imagined life.

         "Breakthrough" properly selected and concentrate superior forces to wage a war of annihilation the implementation of "research" with: a machine in Beijing by the Department of General to Shen for the main gas plant, Xi'an Jiaotong University YANG Shao-Kan teachers, industry-led war factory, 2L-20 / 8 (4L-20 / 8) small design team warfare. All parts are made by the general success of the prototype than the measured power, than the weight of indicators to the standard of the world's most advanced at that time.
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