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  • Summer vehicle maintenance2010-07-14
  • In fine weather, can be properly open the door for the car the sun. In wet weather, can be placed inside the appropriate number of desiccant. Owners should always clean the condenser, evaporator surface, in order to maintain clean and free of impurities.
    Before driving rain storm work:
    1,Check the wipers, especially at night when driving once again seen the rain.
    2,To maintain vehicle distance control speed. A slippery road due to rain, tire adhesion will decline. If the excessive speed, inertia force is increased in cases of emergency, the braking distance longer than the good weather, 20% - 40%, decreased braking, increasing the chance the incident.
    3 Department not to rush to avoid the case of water. If you see water on the flash or the brakes to slow down immediately, eager to give back vehicles to avoid reaction of less, prone to accidents. To visual depth, under normal circumstances, if not more than 15 cm water depth to be the normal speed limits. When wading control the throttle, no heavy step on the gas engine load caused by surge in a short time to avoid flameout or tire slip.
    4,Able to do so, to find a hose in the exhaust tail kit, to the bent above the water surface to prevent water poured into the exhaust pipe; on the tank's fuel filler, oil-foot hole and the engine I have used other ventilation waterproofing wrap plug.
    5,When required to control the direction of downhill. First of all calm, do not step on the brake, the accelerator in time, engaged the clutch pedal, a short run to maintain the status quo until the wheels have to re-grip feeling, control the orientation.
    6,Rain wiper transferred to the fastest time, do not overtake.
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