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Home > What's New > Taizhou, a 70-year-old man who invented modern air compressor
  • Taizhou, a 70-year-old man who invented modern air compressor2009-07-08
  • Taizhou, a 70-year-old man who invented modern air compressor.
    Taizhou Commercial Street, there lived a 70-year-old Kung, he is a fan invention. The old man the use of retirement time invented a new air compressor, it is said the world did not have a similar machine also may bring about an innovative air compressor.

    Inventions fill the gaps

    At noon yesterday, the reporter in accordance with the enthusiastic readers of the address, found the invention of the old German fans Chen's home. Mr CHAN wearing presbyopic glasses, very tough physically. Listen to a press note of the malicious, Chen led the old man's enthusiasm to watch the outcome of his invention. Only a complete assembly of the air compressor on the balcony, Chen switched on after the old man, the machine up on the work, sound is not great.

    "The machine to see if unremarkable, in fact, working principle and different from common air compressor, energy-saving effect, and the noise of small, low manufacturing costs." Chen said the old man, pointing to the machine. It is said that the market can see the piston compressor is the "single effect", and to return to the two movements there is only one action can be inflated, and Chen to the old man's machine can return to the two movements are inflatable, efficiency doubled.

    At present, Mr CHAN's "air compressors, single pump double acting piston pump gas device" has been the national "utility model patent." In addition, he also has a "air compressors dual role of multi-cylinder piston pump gas device" be reported to the State Intellectual Property Office to apply for invention patents, the substance has entered the review process.

    40 years ago, engaged in research

    Before retirement, Mr CHAN is a senior technician motorcycle enterprises, mainly engaged in the design and mechanical fitter. Chan is a man who loves to think, in 1968, more than 20-year-old he would refine the design of a "gear chamfering machine," the enterprise to solve a problem. In 1982, Chen came to us and friends, the use of work time and the design of the first three horsepower food Extruder, in Zhejiang and other places commonly known as "rice cake machine." After the invention of this machine has been selling the market, most companies involved in the production earned the money, good social benefits. At that time did not go to apply for a patent, the inventor himself did not actually have any "benefits."

    The invention of the past studies did not allow access to the material interests of Mr CHAN, but he did not give up. After retirement, he is the life of the study most of the time for the invention. In his "studio", the reporter saw a lot of painting a very neat design drawings.

    Very substantial retirement

    In 2005, a chance to stimulate the improvement of air compressor Mr CHAN inspiration. After thinking over the past two years of research and design drawings, the old man's Chen in 2007, "inventions" was finally complete in the drawings, "Yue-ran out." After a year of around again, he completed 64 major parts of the procurement and commissioning process, and finally the machine can be assembled by hand. April 2008, Mr CHAN dual role of air compressor assembly of success, the effect was very good. Then the next, that is, a patent for his declaration in March this year, the State Intellectual Property Office to secure authorization.

    Chen retired old man, living most of the time research for the invention. With such a "cause", Mr CHAN said that their lives are full, very happy.
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