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  • The Heat Sponge2009-07-28
  • Now some of you with very inquisitive minds may be wondering, "what happens to the heat that the refrigerant absorbs from the air inside the refrigerator?" The answer involves the very first step of the cycle. Remember, that once the refrigerant passes through the coil, and through the inside of the refrigerator, it returns to the compressor. The compressor once again compresses the refrigerant back into a liquid. As we said earlier, when a gas condenses to form a liquid, it gives off heat, the heat of condensation. In this way, the refrigerant gets rid of the heat it absorbed from the inside of the refrigerator. (This is why the coil in back of a refrigerator feels warm.) Thus rid of this heat, the refrigerant is ready to cycle through the coil again and remove more heat from the inside of the refrigerator.

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