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Home > What's New > The working principle of the axial flow fan
  • The working principle of the axial flow fan2010-07-19
  • Axial flow fan in fluid from the axial flow people along the axial flow of impeller and. Based on the working principle YeYi type:
    Gases from one Angle of attack. When, in the wing of impeller into a lift, back in the stomach produces an equal and opposite reaction force to the exhaust gas a spiral impeller along the axial moving forward. At the same time, the inlet due to differential effect, gas by inhalation.
    The leaf adjustable axial fans, Angle of attack, the greater the wing of the back, then lift the perimeter of the pressure difference, fan, air and smaller. When the angles of attack, gas will be critical to the left wing back line and type vortex, fan and pressure drop dramatically stall phenomenon.
    Axial flow fan is not the only centrificating, so because of increased pressure and centrifugal force for zero, thus it can head far below centrifugal blower. It applies to large flow, belong to the local low-lift RPM ratio.
    Axial flow fan for axial pump on the diagram, and fan when driving in the engine rotating impeller, working within the impeller blade effect is relatively fluid, and leaves a lift for fluid a lift and opposite direction of equal reaction, and the blade is called thrust of fluid power to thrust increased energy flow.
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