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  • Volume heat exchanger2010-07-19
  • Volume heat exchanger is the use of hot and cold fluids alternately flow through the regenerator Regenerator (filler) surface, which heat exchanger for heat exchange, heat exchanger volume partitions cold heat exchanger, heat fluid were separated by solid partitions and partitions to the heat exchange through the heat exchanger, so called surface heat exchanger.
    Volume heat exchanger by heat transfer methods can be divided into mixed volume heat exchanger, regenerative heat exchanger and septal volume-type heat exchanger volume three.
    A kind of volume heat exchanger, which is mainly from the device body, steam coil components, steam export, import and export of hot and cold water, etc., the utility model in order to prevent device body surface corrosion, coating the surface layer of alloy corrosion layer and alloy layer system, a paint brush layer, and the other canceled the original tube box, steam coil directly through the external flange, so that the utility model has a simple structure and reasonable, long life, good heat transfer effect, energy conservation, etc. characteristics.
    A kind of volume heat exchanger, which by the device body, the body of the steam coil device components as well as import and export of steam, cold water and hot water export composition, characterized in that said device body spray on the inner surface layer of melting temperature resistant alloy layer. Volume heat exchanger is in the ordinary floating coil heat exchanger is made based on the increased volume. Mainly used for hot water supply system. General export automatic temperature control device should be added to ensure that the bath water or sanitary hot water supply temperature appropriate. It provides a comprehensive general floating coil has all the advantages, it can also store some of the hot water to ensure the timely supply of hot water.

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