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  • What use compressor2009-07-16
  • What use compressor?
    A: With the rapid development of the national economy, the compressor in a wide range of industrial application. Compressor because of its widespread use has been called a "universal machine." The use of compressed gases in accordance with the nature of different characteristics can be divided into the following categories:
    1, compressed air as the driving force
    A variety of wind-driven machinery, the exhaust pressure风动工具7 ~ 8 kg / cm2, is used to control instruments and automation devices, the pressure of about 6 kg / cm2, vehicle automatic gate doors and windows, the pressure of 2 ~ 4 kg / cm2, the pharmaceutical industry, wine industry in the mixing, the pressure of 4 kg / square cm, the weft in air-jet looms吹送pressure of 1 ~ 2 kg / square cm, medium and large diesel engines for the start-up pressure 25 ~ 60 kg / square cm, well fracturing, pressure of 150 kg / cm2, "Second Law" oil, the pressure is about 50 kg / square cm, high pressure blasting mining about 800 kg / cm2, in the defense industry for its power, compressed air pressure. Rise and Fall of submarines, torpedoes, shooting and driving, as well as the salvage ship, and so on to the pressure of compressed air for the different driving force.
    2, compressed gases used in refrigeration and gas separation
    Gas by the compression, cooling, expansion and liquefaction, for artificial refrigeration (refrigeration and air-conditioning, etc.) such as ammonia or freon compressor. The compression pressure for 8 to 12 kg / cm2, this type of compressor is usually a "refrigerator" or "ice." Also, if the liquefied gas mixture can be separated from device at each of the groups were, respectively, to separate out the different types of gases to be qualified. After the separation, such as liquefied air can get pure oxygen, nitrogen, and pure xenon, krypton, argon, helium and other rare gases.
    3, compressed gas for synthesis and polymerization
    In the chemical industry, gas compressed to high pressure, enabling synthesis and polymerization. For example, hydrogen ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen and methanol synthesis of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, such as urea and ammonia synthesis. Chemical industry, for example, the pressure of high pressure polyethylene of 1500 ~ 3200 kilograms / square centimeters.
    4, compressed gases used in oil hydrotreating
    Petroleum industry, the use of artificial methods of heating the hydrogen, with the oil pressure after the reaction, enabling the reorganization of hydrocarbons were cracked into light hydrocarbon components, such as light oil, and lubricants, such as hydrogenation.
    5, gas transmission
    For gas pipeline compressors, depending on the length of pipe to determine its pressure. Sent to the remote gas pressure up to 30 kg / square cm. Chlorine bottling pressure of 10 ~ 15 kg / square cm, the pressure of carbon dioxide for bottling 50 ~ 60 kg / cm2
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