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Home > What's New > Why Nylon Tubing will be the Ideal Substitute of Copper Tube?
  • Why Nylon Tubing will be the Ideal Substitute of Copper Tube?2012-02-23

  • Nylon Tube is well-known in industries as:

    • Nylon tube or nylon pipe or nylon hose
    • Polyamide tubes / polyamide pipes / polyamide hoses
    • PA tube or PA pipe or PA hose

    Nylon Tube is most correct selection for lower compressed oxygen stress in pneumatic programs and also the cause for this really is its versatility with superior toughness. It is produced employing nylon-6 or nylon-12 also identified as PA-6 or PA-12 chips. The procedure included is known as extrusion also it might be carried out in an extruder having a essential L/D ratio of screw to barrel. Heating as well as friction helps make resin to soften forming thick materials inside the equipment. correct soon after passing by way of the specially produced die, the molten mass requires the tube type that last but not least is cooled and sized by way of sizer.

    Capabilities of Nylon Tube:

    • lighting in weight,
    • Soft and flexible
    • Bendable and rebendable
    • superior panic cracking property
    • superior resistance to humidity absorption
    • High dimensional steadiness
    • extended life
    • Can operate with the temperatures as significantly as 90° C

    Nylon Tube is provided in numerous colors which permits identifying every tube. Uncomplicated identification qualified prospects to trouble-free set up and maintenance. this really is amid the factors that make nylon hose remarkable to copper, metal and even rubber pipes. It's regarded as to get the best tubing for all sorts of oxygen and pneumatic systems. Nylon hose is readily available in practically all kind of colors which include Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Orange, light and so on.

    Nylon Tube is typically supplied in normal sizes ranging from 2mm to twenty mm outdoors diameter with wall thickness of 0.50 mm to 3mm. Customized tubing can be made and supplied as every consumer requirements. Metric dimension tubes also as inch sizes are obtainable inside market. The extra the wall thickness belonging to the tube, the extra might be the stress withstanding potential using the tubing. The tubing obtaining stress withstanding potential as high as 150 kg/ can be available. Reinforcement on tube will additional enhance the stress capacity. This tubing can be developed as every DIN standard.

    Nylon Tube has a broad variety of request in industries. It is utilized in circulation of essential oil in lubrication plan / hydraulic system. very same might be the circumstance in pneumatic circuit in which it is perceived as to get actually the initial option. It actually will be the most commonly utilized as fuel lines in car industries - in trucks, trailers etc. for transfer of fuel oil.

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