Application of 3D digital mine software in metal mines

In the process of mining, mining companies need to use 3D technology to create a more realistic simulation of the mines in order to better reproduce the actual mine conditions. In order to make detailed plans for its subsequent mining and other work. 1 Comparison of 3D digital mine software at hom[…]

Preparation of sterile compressed air during gulonic ac…

Sterile air used in the fermentation industry means that the bacteria in the air is reduced to a very low percentage by a sterilization treatment to minimize the chance of fermentation pollution. 2010~04-23 Liu Shuying (1971-), female, engineer engaged in vitamins C and its intermediate productio[…]

Design of precision forging die for spur gear

The spur gear is a typical mechanical part widely used. The traditional spur gear machining is a cutting process. It must be processed one by one for each tooth on a special machine. It takes a long processing time and it is difficult to increase productivity. At the same time, a large amount of ma[…]

Multi-task real-time control of open CNC system based o…

With the rapid development of computer and communication technology, in the field of industrial control, the research and application of open CNC systems is an inevitable trend. The first item of the “Made in Manufacturing” in the current National Priority Development High-tech Industri[…]

Four tips for designing optical shop door

Four tips for designing the optical shop door. Sunshine Sight decoration group (13253646653) professional optical shop decoration design company, optical shop door design, glasses showcase custom manufacturers. In the past 16 years, she has been focusing on the decoration design of optical shops and[…]

How to measure the length of rice? Rice judger to help

The rice quality we often refer to usually refers to the milling quality, appearance quality, cooking taste quality and nutritional quality of rice. Among them, the appearance quality of rice is an important feature of high-quality rice breeding, and it is also an important basis for det[…]

Shawan County has innovated agricultural machinery for …

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In recent years, modern agriculture in Shawan County has developed rapidly, and large-scale machinery is operating more and more. The "big guy" who can be as big as a large machine has encountered practical problems in the field and has "[…]