Prevention and treatment of fires outside mines

First, the heat source generated by the fire outside the mine: Fire caused by external heat source: belt and roller friction, impact or friction generated during operation of mining machinery heat source; short-circuit current, overloaded electrical equipment operation, static electricity, welding […]

Main fan emission gas safety technical measures

The main fan of the well stops the wind. Before the wind supply is restored, the main fan must be discharged with gas. The following safety technical measures are formulated: 1. Establish a gas emission group: Leader: Chief Engineer Deputy Team Leader: Safety Mine Chief of Electromechanical Mines[…]

Prevention and treatment of fires in mines

Fire hazard analysis of coal spontaneous combustion The internal fire of the mine is caused by the long-term slow oxidation of coal in the underground. According to the special situation of coal mine production, the main places are: 1 goaf; 2 high-rise area of ​​the two-slot during th[…]

How to use isolated self-rescuer? What should you pay a…

How to use the isolated self-rescuer? What should you pay attention to when using it? The sequence of operations when wearing an isolated self-rescuer is: (1) Remove the self-rescuer, use the index finger to buckle the opening ring, and forcefully pull the sealing tape away and throw it away. (2)[…]

Application of GPS Soil Moisture Analyzer in Production…

Water is an essential material for plant growth. Almost everyone knows that water shortage can seriously affect plant growth. However, in actual production activities, due to the lack of scientific soil moisture testing methods, many orchards have this irrigation problem. Problems such a[…]

704 Hengtuo ship equipment received the official ship f…

It is reported that in early January, 704 Hengtuo Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. and a shipyard signed an order for the full speed reduction fin of the official vessel. Since December 6, 2017, Hengtuo Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. held a new product launch conference and launched the company's newly d[…]

·Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. recalled some of …

Recently, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ according to the requirements of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall and the Implementation Measures for the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall, and decided to start […]