In the first half of 2013, Shangchai's new engine m…

2013, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited truck sales, passenger car sales market to actively promote sales of new products, and achieved good results, the user fully affirmed the strength in Diesel Engine technology field. In early July, the first E-series 12-liter engine of Shangchai C[…]

The safety of the sprinkler's tire is very importan…

At present, the tires in the special-purpose vehicle accessories market are rich in variety and have their own characteristics. As users of sanitation vehicles such as sprinklers, it is normal to change tires because of the high work intensity. How to choos[…]

Hubei Cheng Li teaches you how to choose Dongfeng sprin…

With the decrease of Suizhou temperature, ordinary lubricating oils will become thicker and less fluid at low temperatures, making the vehicle less easy to start and wear. Therefore, owners of ordinary lubricants must not forget to change their oil. Genera[…]

National Day "Eleven" wedding tide Lanzhou li…

In the past few days, the reporter visited the Jinfu lighting market in Gansu and found that NVC lighting and other brands of lighting began to sell. A staff member of NVC Lighting Xiaoxihu Store said that many 85-year-old martyrs chose fashion, comfort, personality and energy. On the morning of t[…]

Xigong Chu Sheng Wrecker

Wreckers are all called road wreckers, also known as trailers, road rescue vehicles, and dragging vehicles. They have many functions such as lifting, dragging, lifting and lifting. The wreckers are mainly used for road failure vehicles and urban illegal veh[…]

How to disassemble the rolling bearing of the motor?

The method of dismounting the rolling bearing is similar to that of disassembling the pulley, and it can also be performed using a puller. If there is no puller, you can use two iron poles to clamp the shaft, so that the rotor is vacant. Then, after the wooden end or the copper block is at[…]

Convenient mistakes when converting special gears

Almost all vehicles now have synchronizers, making the car easier to shift, but it is also very harmful to operate improperly. The use of two-legged clutch shifting method is advantageous for extending the service life of the parts. Shifting direction when[…]