Soil Moisture Analyzer for Analyzing Soil Moisture and …

Robinia pseudoacacia is one of the main afforestation tree species in the Loess Plateau, and the soil water law is of great significance in the area of ​​afforestation and even water and soil conservation. In the northern part of the Loess Plateau, the amount of precipitatio[…]

[Auto Show Preview] Innovative Technology Leads Dunlop&…

On April 20, 2015, the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Sumitomo Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. will debut with the Dunlop tire brand, the Shanghai Auto Show Chinese and Foreign Parts Hall (6.2H Hall G0[…]

·The 863 plan stepless automatic transmission research…

On July 17, 2012, the “Eleventh Five-Year” National 863 Program “Research and Development of Continuously Variable Transmission” in the field of modern transportation technology was accepted by the expert group in Beijing. Through the research and development of this subjec[…]

Commercial vehicle networking market is a gold mine

After successive interviews and reports on the networking practices of Hager, Yutong, Shaanxi Automobile, and Golden Commercial Vehicles, the reporter deeply felt that the networking of commercial vehicles is a huge gold mine, and it is worth car companies to continue to dig deeper. .  ã[…]

Research on reliability and economy of generator set ma…

1.1 The three-level generator set maintenance plan of the unit maintenance plan can solve the power plant power company and the interconnected power system from three levels. In terms of power plant floor, the goal of the generator set maintenance plan is to give each unit the most complete inspe[…]

JAC Wrecker Structure

JAC Wrecker Structure First, the main structure and working principle:            JAC JAC light truck wrecker series is based on two types of chassis as a platform derived refitted, has a lift, traction, dragged back and othe[…]

ITRI: 2017 OLED lighting market takes off

In the field of lighting applications, we can be sure that LED light source is already the mainstream light source for lighting applications, but on the other hand, OLED technology has begun to take action in the field of lighting. Recently, OLCA was established in Taiwan, mainly in tandem with Taiw[…]