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  • Chicago International Machinery Manufacturing Week2009-06-30
  • Chicago International Machinery Manufacturing Week
    American International Machinery Manufacturing Week is the nation's largest industrial market, but also throughout North America the largest and the highest level, involving the widest range of Industrial Fair; is recognized as the United States and Latin America, contact the industrial areas of technical and commercial center of major international events . A total of 2005 from around the world exhibitors 2189 exhibitors, displaying a net area of 55,000 square meters, and the audience will be more than 60,000 professional visitors. Moreover, in accordance with post-show survey, exhibitors at the show that 98% of the time value for money; 82% of exhibitors felt that if they can only choose one year in the United States an exhibition, they chose the U.S. Agency for International Machinery Manufacturing Week. American International Machinery Manufacturing Week exhibition and the exhibits range widely, almost covering the industrial aspects of the manufacturing process of Calvary.
         The 2005 exhibition is divided into four major topics, namely the project design (Design Engineering), Industrial Automation (Industrial Automation), plant engineering maintenance / repair and operating (Plant Engineering MRO & Management), enterprise IT (Enterprise IT), the specific the scope of Annex I to see the exhibits. In addition, during the exhibition will be organized at the same time a high standard of product launches, technology exchanges and seminars.

    Scope of Exhibits:
    1. Engineering Design: chain, sprocket, belts, bearings, power transmission equipment, power supply systems, AC-DC, stepper, linear, and so on all kinds of gear motors, gear boxes, valves, fluid control equipment, hydraulic devices and devices, fasteners, seals, springs, subcontract engineering and manufacturing, casting, forging, tooling, injection molding, extrusion, cold forming, plastics and rubber stamping, small tool kit, fans, fans, welding materials and equipment , wires, cables, anti-corrosion treatment, anti-wear material, switches, relays, controller, inverter, connectors, timers; 2. industrial automation: analytical instruments and equipment, automation equipment, computer hardware, control software, connectors , wires, cables, sub-design, engineering and manufacturing, cooling equipment, transformers, generator, timer, positioning devices, valves, fluid handling and control, detection, monitoring and testing equipment; 3. plant engineering maintenance / repair and operations: fluid and air handling equipment, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, air-drying equipment, heat exchange devices and systems, boiler and its control, cleaning equipment, waste disposal, cooling towers, dust collection, hydraulic devices, lifting equipment, hand gourd, fans, fan, ventilation equipment, filtration equipment, bearings, chains, casters, compressors, fluid pumps, lubrication materials and systems, duct cleaning, packaging machinery, equipment and materials, storage and handling, welding equipment and materials, power generation equipment , hand tools, power tools, cutting tools; 4. mechanical parts / industrial subcontracting / generation processing: The main sub-areas: casting, forging, stamping, pressure vessel manufacturing, metal processing, cutting, forming, surface treatment, large Machinery design and manufacture of spare parts, machinery spare parts, scrap metal processing and mechanical components of the overall design of computers and computer processing technology, industrial maintenance. 5. Enterprise IT: the control software, backup solutions, content management, data collection, processing, analysis and processing, logistics management, e-procurement, trading intelligence, crisis management and rescue, long-distance exchange, wireless devices.
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