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Home > What's New > Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (2)
  • Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (2)2009-07-08
  • Sixty years the taste of our history of technological progress compressor industry (2).

    3, chemical, oil and petrochemical industry, greatly stimulating the compressor industry, technological progress and economic prosperity, such as:

         a, the twentieth century like the fifties Su Shen small LPG gas compressor plant in Shenyang 724 (northeast of the machine factory) 2SLK Czech imitation of large nitrogen-based hydrogen compressor 2000kW, Qiqihar 127 plants (peace machinery plant) like Su 1Г-266 / 320 large-scale nitrogen hydrogen compressor 4000kW.

         b, the fifties and sixties, 800t / year of small nitrogen fertilizer plant at the county level, 2000t / year level of small nitrogen fertilizer plant with small hydrogen compressor, compressor and combined cycle (1960, Comrade Chen Yun instructions: 800t / year small nitrogen fertilizer plant selection problem with the compressor, to be vertical, horizontal, L-type, symmetrical structure of four balance-type compressor and then decided to trial. in 1961, the then secretary of Anhui Provincial CPC Committee charge air compressor plant in Bengbu , observed a small pile of sand bags horizontal nitrogen hydrogen compressor <row pressure 15MPa> test).

         c, sixties and the seventies, 25,000 t / year, 50,000 t / year by the provincial-level large-scale nitrogen fertilizer plant by horizontal bayonet hydrogen compressor model to a symmetric balanced H22, 6D32 conversion of urea by using CO2 compressor PLK-920 like the Czech Republic to the balanced symmetry 4M12-45/210 transformation; 150MPa high pressure low density polyethylene ethylene compressor with its own design, manufacture and for Kyrgyzstan.

         d, sixties and the seventies the oil industry from drilling air compressor like the Soviet Union УКП-80 (8m3/min, 8MPa) car fan to the transformation of high-speed air-cooled air compressor (10m3/min, 25MPa, from tanks with B2-300, B2-400 high-speed diesel engine-driven); refining used lubricating oil-free hydrogen cylinder compressor model first published (Beijing Fangshan Dongfanghong refinery).

         e, the twentieth century since the eighties, oil refining chemical industry a variety of devices, processes and coal with oil and more varieties of large-scale hydrogen compressor (new hydrogen compressor, hydrogen compressor cycle), the introduction of advanced technology, digestion and absorption and After the introduction of a re-creation, such as the 4M50 (ZRCC), 4M80 (Maoming Petrochemical), HHE-type (Maoming Petrochemical, Wuhan refinery), as well as on the pressure, Shen drum in recent years and the recently introduced super-class 1000kN Pistons edge reciprocating piston compressor.

         4, the twentieth century the eighties and nineties saw, natural gas upstream of high-speed reciprocating piston compressor of the success of China, creating a large domestic high-speed piston compressors force of precedent.

         5, made of special high-pressure compressor by leaps and bounds in the sixties to the development of national defense, military industry, cutting-edge scientific research to provide the equipment support, outstanding feats. Many experts, enterprises have made great contributions, but the unsung heroes do Gambari.

         6, domestic natural gas vehicle filling stations with CNG compressor rise and continue to focus on "energy conservation and green" industries of the eternal theme of the compressor (China General Machinery Industry Association president foreshore Sui wrote in 2004), in the twenty-first century will surely shine with greater splendor!
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