Changde Textile Machinery successfully developed 8 meters CNC drilling and milling machine

Recently, a long-type CNC drilling and milling machine developed by Jingde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Changde Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully launched. The machine is 8 meters long and can adapt to the processing needs of long-distance parts of 180~260-inch wide warp knitting machine. It is the key equipment for warp knitting machine production.

This CNC drilling and milling machine is designed to fill the domestic gap and develop a new variety of Chinese long warp knitting machines. It is carefully built by Changde Textile Machinery and has an international advanced level.

In order to solve the problem that the geometrical precision of the ordinary drilling machine, milling machine and planer of the wide-format warp knitting machine is not easy to control and the work efficiency is low, and the ordering of such professional integrated equipment to the machine tool factory is high, the cycle is long, and the confidentiality is poor. On the basis of the successful experience of a common CNC drilling and milling machine completed a few years ago, the technicians of the factory improved the design and applied the latest CNC technology principle according to the characteristics of the warp knitting machine with a length of more than 180 inches. While ensuring the long-term stability of the whole machine, the rotary function of the milling head is increased, which improves the work efficiency, eliminates the drilling mold and reduces the spacing error, thereby stabilizing the processing quality of the parts.