Hydraulic mechanical wear-resistant epoxy resin coating developed successfully in Chongqing

Recently, a hydraulic mechanical wear-resistant epoxy-based coating was successfully developed by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Chongqing Institute of Technology, and achieved good results in use, which was welcomed by the market.

The epoxy resin-based coating consists of three components: self-made modified epoxy resin (toughness and elasticity are significantly improved compared with pure epoxy resin), curing agent, high hardness and wear-resistant ceramic aggregate with different particle sizes and some additives Surface coating; an intermediate coating consisting of bisphenol A type epoxy resin, curing agent and laminar rust-proof filler; organic zinc-rich base coating. According to experts from the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, both the bottom layer and the middle layer can effectively prevent corrosion of the metal matrix by corrosive media such as oxygen, water and salt, and the surface layer has excellent erosion and wear resistance.

The product is currently used primarily on workpiece surfaces that operate under slurry erosion and wear conditions, such as mud pumps, concentrator components, and hydro-mechanical component surfaces where turbine blades are often subject to abrasive sanding.