Marine Seawater Cooled Cascade Screw Chiller

Model NO.: VT-65DFF
Application Fields: Cooling System
Application Machine: Machining Center
Certification: RoHS, ISO, CE
Condition: New
Product Name: Marine Seawater Cooled Cascade Screw Chiller
Cooling Capacity: 165kw
Run Control: PLC Microcomputer Control
Compressor: Semi-Closed 5:6 Asymmetric Twin-Screw Compressor
Refrigeration Input Power: 40kw
Rated Current: 68A
Energy Regulation: 0-25%-50%-75%-100%
Evaporator: Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
Condenser: Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Refrigerant: R22
Trademark: VENTTK/OEM
Transport Package: Wrap Film/Pallet
Specification: refrigerant unit
Origin: China
HS Code: 8418692090
                Marine seawater cooled Cascade screw chiller 

1.World famous brand new type and high-efficient screw-rotor compressor, with efficiency 20%~30% higher than those common ones. It has obtained several patents of Europe and America countries and passed the international quality certification of ISO9001.
2.High efficiency 5-to-6 rotor profile patent.
3.Capacity control apply to four-step (100%-75%-50%-25%),three-step (100%-66%-33%) and no step control system.
4.With 11 bearings and a balance piston against axial thrust. This extends longer bearings life 2.5 to 3.5 times than traditional design.
5.Designed with efficient silicon steel and special slots , and equipped with the inside and outside all around design to cool the flow channel so to ensure maximum efficiency of the compressor motor under any load.
6.Built-in oil pressing system ensure compressor maintaining the optimal lubricity without oil pump.
7.High efficiency double filtration oil separator ensures maxinum heat exchanger.
8.Efficient, low noise and small vibration.
9.Various options of refrigerants, R22, environment-friendly R134A, R407C etc.
10.All-wave compressor volume ratio(Vi=2.2/2.6/3.0/3.5) for selection to avoid the extra energy consumption caused by over or under compression.
Model list
Model  Item 040WSH 050WSH 060WSH 075WSH 085WSH 100WSH 120WSH
Nominal cooling
kcal/h 103888 130204 152564 212420 241660 276060 342280
kw 120.8 151.4 177.4 247 281 321 398
Total input power kw 30.9 37.9 43.3 56.8 65 74 90.3
Max.Running current A 71 84 128 123 140 160 195
Power   3PH-380V-50HZ(200V/220V/415V 50HZ/60HZ)
Refrigerant Type   R22
kg 22 27 33 42 48 55 68
Control method   thermostatic expansion valve
Compressor Type   Semi-hermetic screw
Power kw 30.9 37.9 43.3 56.8 65 74 90.3
Start-up mode   Y-△
Capacity control % 0-25-50-75-100
Evaporator Type   Shell and Tube
Chilled fluid flow m3/h 20.7 26.0 30.4 42.3 48.2 55.0 68.2
pipe diameter
Inch 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4" 4"
Condenser Type   Shell and Tube  
Cooling water flow m3/h 26.0 32.5 37.8 52.1 59.3 67.7 83.7    
Inlet/outlet pipe caliber Inch 3" 3" 3" 3" 4" 4" 4"    
Safety protection Compressor over temperature,over current,high and low pressure,over temperature,flow switch,
phase sequence,phase-missing,exhaust Overheating,anti-freezing.
Dimension Length mm 1960 2130 2450 2450 2750 2750 2750    
Width mm 855 855 985 985 1050 1050 1050    
Height mm 1540 1540 1600 1600 1600 1600 1730    
Net weight   820 950 1120 1300 1560 1720 2030    
Running weight   970 1060 1270 1480 1780 1960 2250    

1.Transportation of unit
(1). The chiller is packed in standard wooden box. We suggest hoisting if conditions warrant it. The forklift can be used during ground transportation. If the hoisting is made after the removal of packaging, pay attention not to put too much pressure on the chiller box. If necessary with the supporting rod to hoist.
(2). The units with wheel can be rolled on the ground and the units must keep balance
(3). Whatever way to transport, it must be carefully not to sway over not to collide so as not to damage
the equipment or endanger the safety of people.
★Not to use the forklift to transport the units after the package removed!
2.Installation of unit
(1).How to choose the installation location
Unit suitable for installation in the ambient temperature of -10~43 degrees, relative humidity of not more than 80% of the rain-proof shelter, or with the external environment has good ventilation conditions of indoor. In the wind direction is not less than 2meters of space, in a side condenser inlet wind direction should have 1.5~2meters of space. Units to be placed in no less than 20cm level solid concrete foundation, DLP-10AS and larger units with damping device, using the anchor bolt. Around the unit should have a working space, to facilitate the operation, inspection and maintenance.


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