The new renewable heat pipe of the source equipment was successfully developed.

A new type of regenerative heat pipe that can guarantee the vacuum degree inside the pipe and is not easy to squib. The new generation of regenerative heat pipe has been successfully developed by Beijing Shiji Huaneng Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University.

Heat pipe technology was first used in the aerospace field to solve the problem of temperature difference between facing and facing the sun. It has become an important heat energy recycling and environmental protection technology in industrial production. Today, the mineral energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal are becoming increasingly tense. Very significant. However, the heat pipe also has its own limitations. It must ensure the degree of vacuum inside the pipe, otherwise it will not work properly or it may be dangerous due to pipe explosion.

The loss of heat pipe vacuum is mainly due to problems in production and chemical reactions between the working medium and the base pipe during use to produce non-condensable gases. The successful development of a new generation of regenerative heat pipes can effectively solve the problem of short heat life and easy failure of heat pipes.

The regenerative heat pipe technology utilizes a composite medium to have an directional absorption capability for a certain concentration of non-condensable gas, so that the heat pipe itself regains the required degree of vacuum. The composite medium used in the regenerative heat pipe has the characteristics of large heat, low working pressure, safety and high efficiency. The experimental test results show that the heat transfer power of the regenerative heat pipe is 1.2 to 1.4 times that of the ordinary heat pipe.

In normal operation, the pressure inside the pipe is about 70% of the ordinary heat pipe, which not only reduces the pipe and wall thickness requirements of the heat pipe, but also reduces equipment investment. After the actual operation of nitrogen fertilizer and glass enterprises, the self-regeneration performance and heat recovery effect are remarkable. The heat exchanger composed of the regenerative heat pipe has high heat exchange efficiency, compact structure and low fluid resistance compared with the ordinary heat exchange device; individual damage of the single or part of the heat pipe does not affect the normal operation of the device; the hot and cold end can be adjusted Heat exchange area, control tube wall temperature, avoid dew point corrosion, reduce energy consumption.