The packaging industry promotes the concept of low-carbon environmental protection

In recent years, the global low-carbon environmental storm has spread to the packaging industry and put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include lightweight packaging, clean production, green products, energy-saving and emission reduction, and paper and wood. And so on, paper substitute wood is the core of low-carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the amount of wood, cuts down forests, protects the ecological environment, but also saves energy, saves water, and reduces emissions.

"If you don't produce better products and you have higher quality, if you don't join the concept of environmental protection, even if you have immediate interests, you cannot have long-term development." Not long ago, the head of a packaging and printing company said. In fact, the boss's words also represent the voice of the vast majority of packaging and printing companies. In the long-term enterprise development practice, they realized that it is necessary to develop the enterprise, but also to save energy and save resources; it is necessary to have both economic benefits and social benefits.

Based on this understanding, packaging and printing companies should innovate their ideas, and in the research and development of new products, they should mainly use the "environmental protection card." Enterprises need to fully consider social responsibilities in product development, and closely focus on the fundamental theme of “green packaging”. Packaging materials that are developed can be recycled, recycled, or degraded, and are not harmful to the human body and the environment throughout the product life cycle. As a result, the company has reduced the amount of garbage produced as long as the product meets the functional requirements of the packaging, and thus has developed its packaging film and materials into lightweight and thin films.

The prohibition on the use of EPS foamed plastic cushions has forced Chinese companies to eliminate foamed plastic in the packaging of exported household electrical appliances and switched to environmental protection pads such as honeycomb paperboard. According to a person in charge of a company specializing in the production of honeycomb paperboard production lines in Zhejiang, Honeycomb Paperboard is a new sandwich-structured, environmentally friendly, energy-saving material made of a high-strength cellular paper core and a variety of high-strength kraft papers. It has low cost and low material consumption. Sound absorption, high strength, impact resistance and other advantages. Honeycomb paperboard is made of recyclable paper, which can replace wood and can be recycled after use.

It has been learned that for a long time, China's packaging machinery products have few varieties, low technical level, and poor product reliability, and they have no advantage in the international market. More than 80% of processing and packaging equipment is imported. At present, China is faced with the task of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building a conservation-minded society, and developing a recycling economy. The market for packaging machinery products is very broad. If packaging machinery companies can accelerate technological innovation and adapt to market demands, they will gain considerable profits.

In the fierce market competition, more than a hundred packaging and printing companies have not hesitated to increase investment in equipment and technology. They have played the “environmental protection card” and led the development of the industry with high-quality environmental protection products. This shows that packaging and printing companies have not forgotten society while developing enterprises. The spirit of responsibility.

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