10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge

Model NO.: D0.5~2.5M L3~25M
Engine: 4 Stroke
Usage: Lr, ABS, Protection
Certification: ISO9001, CCS
Capability: High Performance
Feature: Heat-Resistant
Load Capacity: <1000teu
Trademark: Evergreen Maritime
Transport Package: Wooden Packing
Specification: CCS, ABS, LR, BV, DNV
Origin: China
HS Code: 40169500

Product Description

1. Evergreen Maritime Ship Launching Airbags

Evergreen manufactures the EverCushion netted style Foam Filled Fender For Marine,Ship,Boat  as the domestic standard in the industry and meets the most stringent quality and performance demands providing tough heavy-duty fendering systems for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship applications. The widely used projects proven our Ever-Cushion Foam Filled Fender For Marine,Ship,Boat is your best guarantee. 10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge

2.Construction Features

Marine rubber airbags' body include outer layer ,inner layer and synthetic-tire-cord layer.
All the accessories are free for our clients.

10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge
10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge
3.Specification&Capacity of regular size-6layers:

10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge

Note: 1. Rated working pressure may deviate ±5%. Compress deformation may deviate ±2%.
2. For the bearing capacity at different compress deformation, please refer our catalogue.

4. Production process and acceptance Test for Commercial Ship Launching Airbags

Evergreen Maritime ship launching airbags are type approved. This means we have demonstrated the performance of ship launching airbags to independent inspectors CCS. Type Approval Test is the essential and necessary qualification of qualified manufacturer of ship launching airbags. In addition to the requirements for the material, appearance and dimensional tolerances, "Gas-tightness Test", "Compression Test", "Bearing Capacity Test", "Bursting Test", and "Compression-recovery Test" are carried out.

 10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge

5. Advantages and Features: Applications: 

L High Energy Absorption and Low Reaction Force l Ship-to-ship transfers
L Wide Range of Standard and Custom Sizes & Colors l Offshore boat landings
L Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin l LNG and oil terminals
L Ultra-tough Unsinkable Design l Shipyards
L Easy Installation and Large standoff distance l Military applications
L Save Port Maintenance Costs, Enhance Port Capacity l Container vessels
L Low Maintenance l Cruise ships
L Burst Resistance, Extremely Safe
L Well Proven Design
Performance List of Standard Capacity: 
Please check below for details.  
10 Layers Heavy Moving Airbag for Barge
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