Stainless Steel Mixing Silo for Masterbatch & Plastic Materials

Model NO.: HG2/3
Application(3 Components): New Material+Crushed Material+Masterbatch
Component Quality: 1to 5
Application(2 Components): New Material + Crushed Material
Whether Need Blender: No Need Blender
Application Filed: Injection Molding , Extrusion, Blow Molding
Material Kinds: 5 Kinds at Most
Popular Usage: Masterbatch Dosing and Blending
Trademark: HadrDega
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: no need blender
Origin: China
stainless steel mixing  silo for masterbatch & plastic materials
Hadrdega volume mixing silo, mainly used in fields like blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, and others, where a variety of raw materials need to mix. Based on natural collapse principle design, when the accumulated material in the suction box was sucked away through the suction machine, the raw material is automatically moved down to the suction box by weight. When a variety of materials used at the same time, you can control the size of each material warehouse discharge, in order to achieve the purpose of adjusting the amount of mixing. Hadrdega volumetric mixers can accommodate up to 5 materials volume mixing.

1.  Using natural mechanical principle design, stability 100%.
2. To ensure the stability of masterbatch feeding and no chromatic aberration, when making colored items and the masterbatch size is relatively uniform circumstances.
3. Unique masterbatch feeding design, when adding the colored crushed materials, the changing addition of crushed materials will not affect product's color.
4. According to the production process requirements, Hadrdega can customize material silos for your personal.
5. In the field of blow molding, use of volume mixture silo can help you solve the problem of length of the die head feeding, to ensure product quality.
Name Volumetric mixing silos
Volume 50-5000L
Material SS304, SS316, Carbon steel
Type Vertical or horizontal
Components 1, 2, 3, 4, 5kinds of materials
Application New raw materials+crushed materials+masterbatch

Products advantages
1.  Energy-saving: a variety of materials are automatically mixing, don't need a mixer, no power consumption
2. Save: with a unique landslide design, automatically blending and mixing can do in the suction process, no need artificial.
3. Stability: the entire ingredients & mixing process is all natural mechanical, without any drive and signal interference, stability 100%.
4. Cleaning: unique low-end unloading design, following the order to discharge a variety of materials in the silo, and the replacement of materials is more convenient.
5. Modular: Hadrdega Volumetric Mixer is not only suitable for stand-alone mixing, but also match with the central feeding system in the material mixing. In the central feeding system, the several silos with the same material recipes can be replaced by one volume mixing silo to complete the ingredients.


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