Building construction site to comply with fire regulations information

1. The construction unit shall strictly abide by fire laws, regulations and rules, implement the fire prevention policy of “prevention-oriented, prevention-disinfection combined”, perform fire safety duties, and ensure fire safety. The legal representative of a legal person unit or the main person in charge of an unincorporated unit is the responsible person for the fire safety of the unit and is fully responsible for the fire safety work of the unit. The unit shall implement a step-by-step fire safety responsibility system and post fire safety responsibility system, define fire safety responsibilities for each level and post, and determine the fire safety responsible persons at all levels and positions.
2. The key units for fire safety shall establish or determine the functional departments responsible for the centralized management of fire protection work and determine the fire protection management personnel; other units shall determine that the fire protection management personnel can determine the centralized management functional departments of the fire protection work. The centralized management functional department and the fire protection management personnel carry out fire safety management work under the leadership of fire safety managers or fire safety managers.
3. The construction unit shall establish and improve various fire safety systems, including fire safety education and training; fire inspections and inspections; safety evacuation facility management; fire control (control room) duty; firefighting facilities and equipment maintenance and management; fire hazard rectification; , electricity safety management; flammable and explosive dangerous goods and places such as fire and explosion protection.
4. Organize and formulate actual fire extinguishing and emergency evacuation plans that are consistent with the unit, and at least every six months, organize employees to conduct an escape drill and an initial fire extinguishment drill.
5. Regularly maintain and maintain the fire-fighting facilities, fire-fighting equipment, and fire safety signs of this unit to ensure that they are intact and effective.
6. Ensure unimpeded evacuation passages and safe exits. No evacuation channel shall be occupied or obstacles affecting evacuation shall be set up on the evacuation passages and safety exits, and the safety exits shall not be closed during the construction period or working period, and the safety evacuation instruction signs shall not be obstructed.
7. It is forbidden to use naked flames in places with fire or explosion hazards; for special circumstances such as electric or gas welding, open fire departments and personnel shall strictly go through the examination and approval formalities according to the unit's fire management system and implement the on-site guardians. Sufficient fire-fighting equipment and remove flammable and combustible materials in the hot area.
8. The construction unit shall conduct daily fire inspections and determine the personnel, content, location and frequency of inspections. Fire-fighting inspectors shall promptly correct violations of rules and regulations, and if they cannot be disposed on the spot, they shall immediately report to the relevant departments.
9. The fire watch personnel and patrol personnel must stick to their positions and must not leave their posts without authorization. The post employees must have professional fire safety training. The training rate should reach 100% and they should hold certificates.
10. Don't mess with temporary wires and use electrical equipment in places such as dormitory and processing area, and prohibit overloaded power. It is forbidden to set up staff quarters in the warehouse.

Birch Wood Ice Cream Stick

We are the manufacturer of disposable Wooden Tableware integrating production and sales. Mainly operating Disposable Chopsticks, toothpicks, knives, forks and spoons,spork,ice cream sticks,ice cream spoons, coffee sticks etc productions.The material is made from the birch and poplar. Our products are well popular by customers and are applied in the company, restaurants and families etc place.

From logs to finished products are produced by our company.From the source to control the quality of products and to provide customers with peace of mind products.

Companies adhere to the principle of integrity and mutual benefit to provide customers with the best quality service and the most affordable prices.

And our tableware is disposable so customers very like its convenience.

First of all, the biggest benefit of using Disposable Cutlery is convenience. You will find that the overall convenience of using cutlery is that it can be used without cleaning or other work. For us, this is a level of convenience that is almost impossible when we choose to use other cutlery. Really consider the advantages of this aspect and then go to better use is a big enough guarantee.

Secondly, another advantage of Disposable Tableware is that it is very clean. Compared with the traditional tableware, this product is only disposable so it can really guarantee the overall cleanliness and hygiene, there will be no first cleaning or disinfection work is not in place, thus affection our future use. This aspect of the problem is completely non-existent for us.


Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer.

Q2: What is the material of products?

A2: Natural Birch.

Q3: How long will you deliver the products?
A3: 30~60 days after receiving 30% T/T deposit.

Q4: What is the payment term?
A4: T/T 30% as deposit in advance and balance 70% should be paid when goods ready to ship or L/C at sight.

Q5: Do you provide samples?

A5:Yes, free samples available.

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