CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave

Model NO.: YS-700-SF
Capacity: Customized
Size: Customized
Control: Automatic
Trademark: Uwants
Specification: standard
Origin: Shanghai
HS Code: 8419899090
Specifications of the CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave 
1. Evenly temperature distribution 
2.energy efficient 
3.short sterilizing time 
4.low noise 
The characteristics of  CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave 
    The CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave use the same batch sterilization water alternately. After one pot of food processed,The high temperature treatment water will be put into the other pot, so that it can reduce the loss of the heat and processing water.It increased capacity by 2/3 comparing to the double layered sterilizing pot.
     This equipment is an extension product on the basis of the double layered hot bath sterilizing pot.Compared with the double layered hot bath sterilizing pot ,it has the following advantages:volume of production has been doubled , energy has been saved , and the cost of the equipment has been lowered.
1. Sterilization in short time
Utilize double-tank hot water circulation for sterilization. Heated the water in the hot water tank to the required temperature of sterilization in advance, the sterilization time can be reduced and work efficiency can be improved.
2. Energy effective
The working medium during sterilization is recyclable. It reduces the production cost by saving energy, time, labor and material resources.
3. Even exchange of the water flow, even temperature, no dead area
It utilizes the international advanced technology, hot water circulation and immersion for sterilization. In the process of sterilization, circulation water in the sterilization trough will be uninterruptedly shifted up and down, left and right. It ensures the heat distribution of any spot in the trough is even. It effectively puts an end to the phenomenon of dead area in the process of sterilization and makes the guarantee period of the product more stable and longer. The temperature in the sterilization tank stays stable in all stages of the sterilization, which ensures the qualification rate of F value.
4. Automatic system
The whole sterilization process is controlled by PLC. It is a one-time action without manual operation. It utilizes the chart plate and screen touch control. All time intervals are controlled by the simulate sensor and automatic valve. The digital exhibition of pressure and temperature makes it applicable to input any pre-programmed pressure and temperature models into the computer. The computer can hold 100 sterilizing formulae.
5. Simulate temperature control system where the setting of multi-stage heating system is available.
The sterilizing method by multi-stage heating can minimize the heat on food, which can keep its original flavor, taste, nutrition and color to the utmost and make every kind of food sterilized in its best condition. The accuracy of the sterilizing temperature is up to ±0.3 so as to avoid over boiling or incomplete sterilization. 
6. Function of measuring F-value
Every retort produced by Uwants can be equipped with F-value measuring instrument. The F-value software can make the F-value calculation every 3 seconds. All sterilizing data including sterilizing conditions, F-value, time-temperature curve, time-pressure curve and so forth can be saved or printed after the processing of data processing software to serve the production management.

Technical parameter of CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave 

         Type         Item
UwantsBL09-18 UwantsBL10-22 UwantsBL10-30 UwantsBL12-24 UwantsBL12-27 UwantsBL12-30 UwantsBL12-33 UwantsBL12-36 UwantsBL13-35 UwantsBL13-40
Inner of diameter(mm) 900 1000 1000 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1300 1300
Length of canister(mm) 1800 2200 3000 2400 2700 3000 3300 3600 3500 4000
Total length(mm) 3500 3900 4700 4200 4500 4800 5100 5400 5400 5900
Total width(mm) 3500 3800 3800 4200 4200 4200 4200 4200 4400 4400
Total highness(mm) 1800 2000 2000 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2300 2300
Net capacity   (m³) 1.4*2 2.1*2 2.7*2 3.2*2 3.6*2 4*2 4.3*2 4.6*2 5.14*2 5.9*2
Steam Volume consumption(kg/batch) 160 240 300 360.00 400.00 460.00 480 500.0 600 660
Power consumption(kw/h) 14 14 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21
Handing capacity(t) 0.35*2 0.55*2 0.75*2 0.9*2 1.0*2 1.2*2 1.35*2 1.5*2 1.7*2 1.9*2

Range of application of  CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave 
 The PLC controlling automatic sterilizer  is suitable for a wide variety of packaging materials,such as:
 1.metal containers
 2.plastic & rubber containers
 3.flexible package

1. How to heat up the CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave?
Equipped with high pressure boiler, to provide high pressure and temperature steam.
Via electric heating pipe, need stable electricity.

2.How to decide the size of CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave we need?
Please show us the packing details of your product and the production per day. We will show you suitable type.

3.What is the control type of the CE Approved Sterilization Machine Autoclave?
 You can choose from semi-automatic type or automatic type.
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