Harbin Electric Plant Turbine Model Completes Nuclear Review Test in Switzerland

Recently, Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hamotor") developed the model of the Goupa Turbine Runner Model. The test was completed on the EPFL-LMH and CH-1015 independent test stands in Lausanne, Switzerland. The turbine performance fully meets the contract requirements. . The maximum efficiency of the model is 95.17%, and the weighted average efficiency is 93.25%. The runner has excellent stability.

The completion of the development of the Goupitan turbine has enabled the company to obtain the world-leading excellent model runner with a model maximum efficiency of over 95% in the 200-meter water head section, complete the Lausanne neutral test, and also prove the research and development of the Harbin turbine. The strength of competition with the market and reliable reputation.

In February 2004, Harbin Electric acquired the manufacturing contract for five 600 MW high-head turbines in Wujiang Goupit Beach with technical advantages, with a contract value of nearly 400 million yuan. This is the largest capacity turbine that the company has built following the 700 MW unit in the Three Gorges.

With the joy of winning the bid, the pressure is also coming.

First, several major companies with competitive strength at home and abroad have participated in the competition. The technical requirements for turbines are very high. To obtain a project, Harbin Electric must have technical advantages, and it is necessary to come up with high parameters with international advanced level. For example, the efficiency of the model runner should be above 94.5%, especially the weighted average efficiency of the model should reach 92.93%, that is, the developed turbine should have high efficiency in the operation range of the power station to achieve these indicators, and there must be very Good stability.

Secondly, since the bidding is not carried out, it is necessary to reach the pre-imaginary index through design analysis and model test in a short period of time after winning the bid. Once Harbin Electric does not reach the hypothetical index, not only the market image will be affected, but also Will be fined.

Third, the results of the research, in addition to the review test at Harbin's hydraulic test bench, also to the foreign neutral test bench for the final acceptance test. From the above three aspects, to complete the development of the project, the technical difficulties, strict requirements, can not make the slightest mistake.

In order to accomplish this task, Harbin Electric set up a major research project for development. On the basis of summarizing the development experience of the Three Gorges right bank model runner, through careful design and analysis, we mastered the law of hydraulic design of the 200-meter head turbine and passed strict quality. The control produced a high-level overall model test device and runner, and obtained accurate performance data of the turbine model through scientific experiments.

After two rounds of development, the turbines that met the contract requirements were finally obtained. In November 2004, the initial review of the turbines and high-level heads of the turbines of Harbin Electric was completed. The indicators were fully met. Claim. Subsequently, all the model test devices were transported to the International Neutral Laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland, and tested by the test experts of Lausanne, Switzerland on an internationally recognized independent test bench for final acceptance of the results, and achieved gratifying results.