Factors and solution to idling damage of small flux magnetic drive pump

First of all, we have to know what causes such idling, finding the root causes and preventing them so as to reduce the loss during use. Following by the national treasure pump to popularize the reasons of small flow magnetic drive pump idling reasons and solutions! 1. Equipment leakage caused by lack of flow caused by lack of reason: the impact of small flow Magnetic drive pump flow is insufficient, mostly equipment suction pipe leaks, the bottom valve leaks; import and export block; lack of water at the end of the valve; magnetic pump speed too fast; Seal or impeller wear fast and so on. Treatment: check the suction pipe at the end of the valve, block the source of air leakage; clean up the import and export of obstruction; bottom valve into the water depth must be greater than 1.5 times the diameter of the inlet pipe to increase the depth of the bottom valve into the water; check the power supply voltage, improve the magnetic pump Speed, change the seal or impeller. 2. Not filled with water to start the magnetic pump operation Small flow magnetic drive pump did not fill the water to start work. In this case, before starting the magnetic pump, be sure to check whether the magnetic pump filled with water, otherwise, the magnetic pump will spin dry without water damage. 3. Miscellaneous debris stuck in the impeller to reduce the efficiency of debris stuck in the impeller, will lead to small flow magnetic drive pump in the operation of vibration and noise, reduce efficiency and reduce flow and then cause the pump to spin pump damage caused by idling. Appears in the daily use of this situation, we must promptly clean up the debris in the impeller to keep the magnetic pump running smoothly. Through the above description, although you can not 100% guarantee your small flux magnetic drive pump idling damage, but as long as follow the magnetic pump operation flow to run, it will greatly reduce your magnetic pump idling damage probability.

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