Gansu Jinchang chlor-alkali and other chemical industries to achieve circular economy production

In the Jinchang City Industrial Park in Gansu Province, Jinchuan Group is the core product, and its subsidiary products are sulfuric acid, Jinhua Group, Jinni Group, Gansu Xinchuan Chemicals, Gansu Handan Chemicals, Jinchang Iron Industry Group, Nickel Industrial Co., Ltd., and Gansu Electric Investment Co., Ltd. Yongchang Power Company and other companies form a longer cycle chain.
Jinhua Group, together with Guizhou Hongfu Group and Sinochem Fertilizer Company, which owns phosphate resources, set up a company to produce ammonium phosphate. In order to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, Jinchuan Company produces nearly 2 million tons of sulfuric acid by-products every year. Storage and transportation are difficult problems. Now, Jinhua Group absorbs 1.1 million tons of sulfuric acid from Jinchuan Company on an on-site basis, and only diammonium phosphate can be digested to digest Jinchuan Corporation. 300,000 tons of sulfuric acid, Jinchuan's sulfuric acid through the pipeline, directly to the production of ammonium phosphate enterprises. The synthetic ammonia produced by Jinhua Group is used on the one hand for production by its own ammonium phosphate enterprise. Simultaneously, the soda ash produced on the basis of synthetic ammonia is used by alkali-consuming enterprises such as Jinchuan Company to produce phosphogypsum waste residue produced from ammonium phosphate, which can be used for The province's saline-alkali soil is improved and is also used by Jinnui Group to produce cement.
In order to promote the formation of a recycling chain, Jinchang City invested 40 million yuan and laid more than 20 kilometers of pipelines, enabling the Jinchuan Group's sulfuric acid to be transported to Hexibao Chemical Park for recycling by downstream companies. In addition, in Jinchang City, each company has established a small cycle of energy saving, consumption reduction, and emission reduction. In 2005, Jinchuan Group was listed as the first batch of circular economy pilot enterprises in the country. It played a leading role in scientific and technological innovation and formed an industrial system for the comprehensive utilization of resources such as nickel (copper) and its salts and sulfuric acid, as well as waste water treatment reuse. Solid waste, waste gas recycling and other resources recycling industry base.
Tian Yuqing, Minister of Development Planning Department of Jinhua Group introduced that in the past, the blower gas boiler used by the company to deal with the three wastes had low thermal efficiency and could not make full use of the solid combustible materials in the blown gas. In general, steam boilers can only burn steam coal, combustion is incomplete, and slag is generated. The residual carbon is high, and the three-burner co-fired boilers use exhaust gas, waste slag, and inferior coal, and are fully burned and the resources are well recycled.
The three waste co-firing boilers recycle 400 million standard cubic meters of air-blowing gas every year, and use 125,000 tons of industrial solid waste. Therefore, the company saves 72,000 tons of bituminous coal annually and reduces the cost by 30 million yuan.
Xinchuan Chemical Company and Jinchuan Group are only 200 meters apart. They are just looking at the sulfuric acid, a by-product of the China Jinchuan Group, to invest and set up factories. The Xinchuan Chemical Company produces PVC and potassium sulfate, which can consume nearly 100,000 tons of sulfuric acid annually.
Feng Xudong, general manager of Xinchuan Chemical Co., Ltd., said: "The Jinchuan company supplies sulphuric acid to our production of potash, and the liquid chlorine, a by-product of the caustic soda project, is also sent over the pipeline for our production of hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid for the production of PVC, and PVC by-product calcium carbide slag. The neighboring Jinchuan Cement Group is used as a raw material for cement production. The cement produced by the Jinchuan Cement Group using the waste residue is sent to Jinchuan Company for use in mining backfill."