Mandrels or Dies or Molds for FRP Pipe and Fittings

HS Code: 847780000
FRP/GRP Pipe Mandrel / Mould / Die and FRP Pipe Fittings Mold Including Tee, Flange Molds etc.

1. Brief Introduction
Our company offers our clients a wide range of pipe mandrels which rotate and let filaments be winded around. Normally, FRP pipe mandrels are made from pure steel or steel with FRP, they are with high durability.
The mandrel diameter varies from DN25mm to DN4000mm. and length up to 12.5 meters. We use high quality steel to make the structure, and use good quality fiberglass and resin to produce the FRP layer. The mandrel can be designed according to the customer's requirements.
Beside above FRP pipe mandrels, our company also can supply FRP Fittings Molds such as FRP flange mandrel and FRP elbow mandrel and FRP Tee mandrel, ect. upon your request.
2.Product Features
Best raw materials
Fast delivery time
Good after-sale service
Good mechanical and chemical properties
3.Product Technical Specifications
FRP pipe mandrel 
a. Diameter: DN25- DN4000mm 
b. Length: up to 12.5 meters. 

c. For FRP Pipe Fittings Mold, we generally manufacture for our customer upon your request.
Production lead time: 15days to 30days
Minimum order quantity: 1pcs
Remarks: The special specifications can also be manufactured, and in addition, we can manufacture the products according to customer's drawings.
Custom specifications are also available according to your drawings.