Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

Model NO.: HDF maize flour grinding line
Condition: New
Customized: Customized
Material: Steel Structure Flour Grinding Line
Capacity: 30t/24h Maize Flour Grinding Line
Brand Name: HDF Flour Grinding Machine
Flour Extraction: 75%-85%
Mill Product: Corn Maize Flour, Super Maize Meal, Feed
Manufacture: Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd
Export Department: Shijiazhuang Africa Trading Company
Service: Shipping, Plant Construction, Installation
Processing Type: Complete Line From Cleaning to Packing
After-Sales Service Provide: Overseas Service Center Available
Trademark: HDF maize flour grinding line
Transport Package: Crates Plastic Film
Specification: 5-500T
Origin: China
HS Code: 843780000

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

This is our 30 ton per day maize/ corn flour grinding complete line

  1. Cpacity: process 30 tons of maize/ corn per day;
  2. Complete line including cleaning, degerminating, milling, packing and controlling systems;
  3. Degerminator is designed based on Japan technology;
  4. Pipes in the milling section are stainless steel;
  5. Controll cabinet is PLC system and touch screen with one-key start and overload protection device.
Product Description 

What is the specifications of the 30T/24h maize flour grinding line?

1. Input maize --cleaner--maize moisture dampener --degerminator--roller mill--plansifter--super maize meal/special maize meal/maize grits,corn flour--packing 
2.The control system: Control panel control or PLC control 
3.Pipes in milling section are stainless steel mill and plansifter
5.Japan Degerminator technology 
6.European Condition dampener

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

  • This is the tachnical flow of small and middle scale maize/corn milling line.
Q1. Does the  Maize Flour Grinding Line can produce different kind of maize meal,maize flour same time?
Yes,the  Maize Flour Grinding Line can produce size maize meal or maize flour at same time at one production line 
Q2. Does the maize mill line can running with Generator? 
Yes,the maize mill line can running with Generator 
Q3. Does the maize meal packing machine can pack different bags?
Yes,the packing machine can pack 1kg-5kg;5kg-20kg,12.5kg-25kg,50kg 
Q4. Does the maize mill line can processing maize and wheat same time? 
No,it is because the maize and wheat Physical Characteristics is different,like the shape,the hardness,all are different,and the final product flour size is also different. The cleaner,the roller millparameter,the plansifter sieve all are different.As professional manufacture for maize meal or flour,cannot processing maize and wheat same time.

Main equipments of the 30tpd Maize Flour Grinding Line:

1. cleaner of the 30tpd maize flour grinding line:

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

The maize flow through feeding entrance into the first part to get large impurity removed. 

Then maize through first part to the second part to get stones removed.

There are three different kinds of sieves inside this part to make sure the stones removed cleanly.

Then maize flow into the third part to get brushed.

Finally the clean maize flow out of the cleaner. 

2. Degerminator of 30tpd maize flour grinding line:

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line
Degerminator is designed to scrub the bran skin from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity, with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragments.

Our degerminator is designed based on Japan technology. It can process maize/ corn into maize grits.

3. Single roller mill of the 30tpd maize flour grinding line:

Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line
4. Sifter of the 30tpd maize flour grinding line:

High efficiency sifting, mix-proof to get crediblerun, a perfect classification machine, and also used for flour checking or less stock cleassifying, siftering in large size flour factory.

Final products

What is the final products of the 30tpd maize milling machine?

Our maize milling machines can produce super fine flour, super white corn meal, roller meal, breakfast meal, maize grits, fine maize flour, corn meal and bran.

You can make posho meal, ugali, sadza, fufu, etc.
pls let us know which final product you want, we will design the suitbale machine for it.

 Professional Maize Flour Grinding Line

  • This is our production of corn/maize flur, meal, grits flour for making posho, fufu, ugali, sadza, etc.
Company Information

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,LTd is a professional manufacture of wheat flour mill and  Maize Flour Grinding Line

We provide high quality machine from 5 to 500 ton per day with different design according to our client needs, with European technology,South Africa maize process, China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and  Maize Flour Grinding Line.

The head office of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is located 4hours driving from Beijing.

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery have more than 30 years experience in milling market.

This is Hongdefa factory for manufacturing maize/corn/wheat flour milling machines.

Where installed

Where we have installed the maize/wheat/corn flour milling machine?

Capacity Countries Year
5ton/24h, 10ton/24h,20tons/24h 30t/24h maize flour mill     Zimbabwe 2009,2012,2015
Ethiopia 2015
Congo 2010
Cameroon 2010
Kenya 2014,2015
Zambia 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015
RD Congo 20112014,
Uganda 2011,2014,2015,
Angola 2011,2014
50-80tons/24h  Maize Flour Grinding Line    Malawi 2009,2013
Kenya 2010,2013,2014,2015
RD Congo 2010,2014,2015
Zimbabwe 2010,2015
Argentina 2010
Venezuela 2010
Zambia 2010,2013,2014,2015
Uganda 2011,2014,2015
Ethiopia 2015
100tons/24h corn flour mill line South Africa 2010,2014
Venezuela 2010
150Ton/24h maize flour mill line Zambia 2013
Zambia 2015
Kenya 2014
Benin 2009
200ton/24h maize flour gridning line Brazil 2010
Egypt 2013
240ton/24h flour mill grinder Angola 2016
300ton/24h maize flour mill line Afghanistan 2014
500Ton/24h flour mill grding line South africa  2012,2013,2014 
Ethiopia 2007


We have been in maize and wheat flour milling field for more than 30 years experience. We have advanced processing machinery and high technology.

  • ISO, CE, BV, SGS or any other certificate required.
  • High quality assured, customers at ease to buy. 
Contact Information

If you are interested in this 30T/24h maize flour grinding line, please contact me freely.
Mobile: +86 15131196347
Thank you!


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