SYQX-II Factory Competitive Price and Timely Delivery Anaerobic Incubator

  • Model NO.: SYQX-II
  • Customized: Customized
  • Structure: Desktop
  • Type: Incubator
  • Handling: Easy Operation
  • Transport Package: Box
  • Origin: China
  • Application: Industry, School, Hosipital, Lab
  • Certification: CE, ISO, RoHS
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Applied Area: Anaerobic
  • Trademark: Sanfa
  • Specification: 500× 500× 1200
  • HS Code: 9032100000
SYQX-II Anaerobic Incubator
Applicable range:
This product is a special device for germiculture and operation in the oxygen-free environment, it can culture the anaerobic organisms that grows most difficultly. When being operated in the air, it also can prevent the anaerobic organisms dying for contact of the oxygen.  

It consists of culture operating chamber, sampling chamber, air circuit & electric circuit control system, dewaxing sterilizer, etc..
The product, with the scientific approaches, can create the high-accuracy and thermostatic anaerobic environment, taking convenience for operating and culturing the anaerobe in oxygen-free environment;
The temperature control system employs high-accuracy LCD temperature controller, which can show the incubator inner actual temperature accurately and visually. In addition, it is equipped with the effective temperature limiter, more safe and reliable.
There is an ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the incubator, the gas should be filtered by it prior to getting into the incubator, so it can effectively avoid the germs pollution.
The air-passage device can adjust the flow quantity and input any required gas randomly.
The operating chamber is made of stainless steel sheets. Its fore window is made of transparent anti-impact special glass. When operating, please use the special gloves. It is very reliable, comfortable, flexible and convenient to use this chamber.
Besides a deoxygenating catalyst converter, there is a special loop carrier sterilizer and dewaxing sterilizer in the operating chamber.

Tech. parameters
Applicable temp. range of incubator RT+3~65ºC
Temp. fluctuation of incubator ±0.3ºC
Temp. homogeneity of incubator ±1ºC
Time for forming anaerobic state of sampling room <5min
Time for forming anaerobic state of operating chamber <1hour
Anaerobic environment maintaining time Under stopping the compensation of micro mixed gas, the time of operating chamber is more than 12 hours.
Power supply/power ~220V 50Hz/600W
Dim. of working chamber 800×660×630
Dim. of incubator 680×190×200
Outline size 1200×1400×700

The guide wheel also includes a number of steady flow grooves; a number of steady flow slots are centered around the center of the impeller and set at the edge of the impeller with the side of the flow guide. Each steady flow slot is set between the two diversion channels, and the direction of the channel extension of each steady flow groove is the same as the extension direction of the channel body adjacent to the flow channel; the steady flow trough depends on it. The distance from the center of the impeller to the edge of the impeller is larger than the distance between the center of the impeller and the edge of the impeller.

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